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But overall the plot is good and I will still continue to watch it! huhuhu i want to keep on watching. From the day was at the real world he had to be resposible. Please make JiPyeong and DalMi together !! Keep watching just to support Kim Seon Ho. He never once give Ji-Pyeong credit in-front of Dal Mi. This is something I'd watch over and over again. This is itaewon class gone wrong. After knowing the truth, Why there was no effort from DalMi's character to know whether HJP is the same guy she knows from those letters inspite of HJP saying the truth that he had feelings for her. i know they were writing letters to each other but it was 15 year ago, cant we give a chance finally to somebody that likes her, is smart, good and liked her from the first sight? No need to stress over the plot if it doesn't go the way you want it to. Also seeing Kim sun ho in this drama has made me so happy. This is something my bf and bro pointed out because I was also team HJP at first. We had our first child at that age. For me he is just a greedy man who wish for more more and more. The scene where the Samsan brothers go back to the office where they started and reminisce all their memories is such a fantastic scene. Prakash Oct 25 2020 5:38 am All I can say is, I hope the writers are just providing a foundation to something better for the future other than Nam Do-San. My heart hurts and I don't know what to do anymore!! Hope Dal mi leaves Ji pyeong alone and doesn’t bring him anymore food or whatever. The original love story of this drama start-up with Han Ji-Pyeoung aka Nam Do-San from 15 years ago. Also, sorry to say but I hate the female lead and the male lead. The conflicts between the 4 main characters. latest episode is the best, cant wait for the next one. I haven't felt this confused in a long time. Is it only my who wanted the fake nam do san to be with her?im rooting for other guy. We never seen the letter becoming something important. Also I feel like even if the role were switched I would still root for dosan. We arnt going to talk about those letters ???! Fake but real Nam Do San never would've stood a chance if Han Ji Pyeong could've just been honest with Dal Mi. Hate that the character of Kim Soen Ho did not remain the lead love interest. Shannon Oct 17 2020 2:24 pm I mean she walked towards grandma like a bullet and then walked away like a bullet giving feeling that a director is sitting there waving her to walk forward now and next second walk away like it is a set up not a natural conicidence. The actors are very brilliant, they were able to portray the characters very well and I'm so in love with it, but I really think Je Pyeong is the lead male, the character always stand out even from the start and I think the production team were just using Do San to make things more exciting. I don't want Ji pyeong and Dal mi date anymore because he's olden they not suitable. What is the name of the song at the end of episode 5? As someone who has been watching k-dramas for 10 years, I'm telling you right now Dal-mi is going to end up with Do-san. Set in South Korea's fictional Silicon Valley called Sandbox, Start-up tells the story of people in the world of startup companies. Cannot wait for 3rd episode, Start up Oct 19 2020 5:42 am The best thing in the dosan and dal mi love, he giving her the confidence saying the she made samsan tech this level and we can see her in eyes that word lot to her. Mantik Nov 08 2020 11:29 am There is no spark between nam do san and dalmi really even after they haved kissed. The Start-Up cast members are all just. We have a house food and education most of the time. Ep.3 made me laugh so hard. Then there is the interviewer, playing the god and asking a young entrepreneur harsh questions. If you not ready to swallow the heavy arguments, just dont open asianwiki. Breakdowns makes breakthrough* Never give up. It’s not match. So far this drama is doing Kim Sun-Ho a great favour and viewers like it. K lovers Oct 19 2020 1:41 am i really dont like how the director sandbox keeps repeating that the inspiration behind sandbox is girl on swing, inspiration behind sandbox is dalmis fathers idea who used sandbox as an analogy to describe the need of such a similar cushion for new investors. i want dalmi and jinpyeong ... do san and dal mi are not suitable as dal mi and jinpyeong .. i want dalmi and jinpyeong .. i hate do san. I still love it though, it wasnt ruined for me. I thought you were going to stop the ship war lol. SPOILER ALERT. Good job director and keep up with this amazing idea. In each episode hanjipyong become more and more personable and classy . And started to look at some new dramas which, although the initial episode was not as interesting as Start UP, could still enjoy the plot. Kiki Nov 02 2020 11:00 am Just like Yong San said, Do San and Dal mi. In reality he is too young for Dal Mi, I thought that from the beginning. Jacqueline Jinks Nov 08 2020 12:53 pm He tried to act cool, and it ends up ruining him. i prefer brother and sister treatment than see ji pyeong hurting again. Although I'm team HJP from ep 1 but I started to love NDS character as well, his character is relatable, they're both human being with their strength and weakness. I'm halfway through plus. I actually cried at the first episode like a baby but then I realised how K dramas have been affecting me from the past 5 years. Kudos to the writer for the amazing plot. The excitement of the "Start-up" story itself have reduced a bit because of the romanticization was a bit much (in my opinion as viewer). 3-If someone saves your company from being ruined again and again, punch them! Things got heavy when a conflict w grandma came. Dnav Nov 29 2020 4:19 pm There are a lot of facets being overlooked by the viewers who only focus on the romantic aspect of the drama, so here are three points that I think some people are missing out from the drama. Stories of striving, failures, self doubt, inner conflict and of growth and overcoming. I'm sure Dosan will be the knight in shining armour and eventually Jipyeong's flaws will come out. Less his character, what will happen to Start Up. Do San on the other hand has empathy for others (this is why he cries easily) and he wants to please people (perhaps too much for his own good). i agree about some comment that say there is no character development anymore buttttt most of it are dragging the writer for not giving justice to jipyeong is just lmao. im sick of this drama its completely missed the point of startups and focused on this love triangle where the competent and hardworking second lead does not even get a chance! I see that dalmi and dosan will most likely end up together no matter who we are rooting for. Aa Nov 22 2020 10:30 am The ep.10 is very worst and it is not fair for Ji Pyeong. Celine Nov 08 2020 4:56 am Ji Pyeong helps them 2x (Morning Group and 2STO acquisition) but it's just a storyline to help Do San win Dal Mi with no strong reasons and background. I'm not interest with this pair love scene,not curious at all. For a living buddha Dosan sure always settle his problem with violence, should have spent some time in jail instead of the workplace, i don't think this guy knows what responsibility means. you Nov 13 2020 12:59 am Yes many can take straight forward comments and see them as a challenge but its never an excuse to show hurtful behavior because you dont know what they are going through. Nam joo hyuk is really fit with the characters..there is very rare in the world that handsome guy is pure geek and naive? is okey for me for the story line..nam joo hyuk as the first lead..cause this story is all about starting up bussiness from zero..but in terms of romance, i prefer ji pyoung to get dalmi at the san and dal mi can be a couple and broke up..than at the end with ji pyoung.. Thi is just my will be too sad if ji pyeong and dalmi did not end up together..cause the boy that she has in her mind for 15 years is ji pyeong. Thumbs Up! idk why there are so many people that want ji pyeong to end up with dal mi. ALEJANDRA LEON Dec 02 2020 7:55 pm Do San (Samsam group) got in at Sandbox because they won from CODA and other related works to pass in initial qualification. Arya Nov 21 2020 10:36 am Asha Nov 14 2020 9:13 pm Director please pursuade the writer to the change the way he is leading the story you will end up losing one more viewer ?. I'm voting 99. These comments are hilarious! I find the character of Nam Dosan annoying, he doesn’t take in consideration what Han Jipyeong did for him. Krish Nov 29 2020 11:14 pm No way could he just make the app and keep the diagnosis private as she asked, how would that benefit him? Wise lady where was your same sherlocks thinking capability when were given acquisition offer? I just watched the first two episodes...and I can tell that I am going to love this drama. I dont think it's lovs triangle when Han Ji-Pyeong scene is getting more and more little every time, and no romantic scene with dalmi at all. He restrained himself so much. I'll go back watching anime, tbh. wonderful tech since i was from IT itself and AI is booming indeed. This show is one of the best ones I've seen, along with W, Healer, The K2, While you were sleeping, empress Ki, Extraordinary you, and many many more. Oh my, some people here tend to generalize that what they want to happen with the plot of the story is what everyone else wants, i.e. I don't think so. yess nam da reum, cant wait for him to get a main role, HyoZen Sep 17 2020 1:41 am ?. That’s the way kdramas work. He will always be the one that know, support, and presence for the first female lead just like all the dramas that the writernim has made. He is the lead male ofc with a reason, both he and dalmi start from bottom, and will build a teamwork to be on top, how they support each other. I'm gonna be sad when it ends. You will find people like Han Ji Pyeong who through their constructive feedback will make you realise your mistake and make you correct it and then you will have people like Alex Kwon who will misuse your talent for the sake of the growth of their company without any credit. ?? There aren't many others in this drama that I could say the same of. This character lied and lied and made mistakes and said no sorry to anyone except his dream lover. bonci Dec 03 2020 1:40 am For those complaining about the story lines, well, we are all typing away with our comments and opinions and not only on the board! Eps 7..for me is boring. He may be strong and courageous when it comes to business but remember he is an orphan with very high fear on rejection thats why he is so afraid to confess to dalmi. I'm more interested in the side stories, like the bromance between Han Ji Pyeong and the samsan tech bros, the relationship between Ji Pyeong and the grandma, wonder how he'll react when he knew about the grandma.. owh my heart will break more if something happen to grandma than Dal Mi not choosing him in the end. No matter how talented you are in your major, you'll never survive in the industry if you relied too much on luck. He portrayed well the result of an accelerated kiddo. Truly inspirational & relatable mostly by the youth. He silently gave way to Lee Ik Jun and Chae Song Hwa to realise their feelings to each other. Lovelots! PLEASE. NDS called living budha, but what he did was the opposite. Kaovang12 Nov 07 2020 10:28 pm The death of Dal Mi's father is very sad . Fingers crossed! big talent sell much more than just a preety face. ???? Dal mi can end up with ji pyeong but please don't hurt do san. Pls I don't want any of them to get hurt. Suzy, nam joo hyul, Kim seon ho, nam da rem, Lee re, kin kang hoon, i will watch you all. suddenly a change of mind? i would assume she would've figured it all out on her own. No real grow after the time jump. My first time being so dissapointed of Bae Suzy’s drama. frada Oct 18 2020 9:14 am The way she handled that rude designer is beautiful. 1. I have never been so interested in the second lead before & Kim Sun-Ho plays his role so well you cant help but fall in love ! I hope you guys can learn a lot about this drama. Ironic, because 15yrs ago if Halmoni did not help him too without hesitation, when he has nothing to prove himself yet, he might not be where he is now. atleast we should have been shown what was so special in her credentials that dalmi went to extreme for her selection. it's so refreshing to see what goes on within the techn industry and world. the younger version of nam do san is actually a garbage human being. But still love drama, god the OST's, all shoots scenery,lightning these still keeping me loyal. T.T. He has everything of his familly but he neglect it as he has nothing worth in his live. Hopefully the ending will favor Dal Mi and Han Jin Pyeong! Diva Nov 26 2020 4:04 am fiery Dec 05 2020 12:39 pm If dalmi loves ji pyeong he will let her go... his character development is just wow... At the first I also loved ji pyeong character because of the younger version plot. Anyway, as I was saying it would be better if they continue or end this drama in a way that’s not on the cliche side. I can see how inferiority can downvote a person’s image. ??? Maybe it's because the timid Do San is still in the process of coming out of his shell. I totally agree with a Valerian remark. I find it really unrealistic - the time jump. I can't help but question what Dal Mi sees in him. The title of the story is intriguing. I hate the way he's sucking up to Dal Mi. Yes, han ji pyeong & dalmi. daydreamer Oct 17 2020 6:28 pm Samsan kids is very immature, especially Dosan, he is very rude. Do-san reveals his love to Dal-mi, to the jealousy of Ji-pyeong. His character is so pathetic and is like a tiger in sheep skin. sensible viewer Nov 10 2020 1:34 am blublu Nov 08 2020 1:03 pm efforts to make things work. GOD it gets on nerves. The lack of chemistry between the characters are so appalling, especially between Nam Do-San and Dal-Mi. his character in the story in every gesture and every emotion. Chulsan so cute Nov 26 2020 8:00 pm niminamaama Nov 08 2020 6:20 am I just literally ROFL for many scenes where the guys cover up for dalmi. Ultimately, they agree to pursue Do-san's project: an image recognition software with sound for the blind, inspired after Won-daek reveals to Do-san that she is going blind. Not Stereotypical Romance Drama Nov 26 2020 2:11 am I won't comment anything about the love line in this drama because it's a typical kdrama trope, nothing new about it, but I love the friendship between Ji Pyeong and grandma. Robin Dec 10 2020 10:17 am CNM Nov 28 2020 11:45 am DramaCool Start-Up (2020) Ep 17 Eng Sub In HD Quality,Start-Up (2020)… They complimented each other. Mr Han was more like a shadow or third wheel, a band-aid, and made out to be weak, yet, he was the best actor out of all of them. Rewatchability...once is good enough for me. The rest of the cast are also real gems!! Hope they will end up together . They look good together! and experience. Start Up is one of the best Kdrama I have watched! When Dalmi and Injae so competitive. Love all the characters (well. Nor Oct 31 2020 9:44 pm Ji Pyeong maybe good of what he does. I really love Kdramas but this is the first time that I've written a comment. My expectation so high, and it's far below.Sorry. It is not your typical cliche drama. Writers could show her to tell him same but not in such inhumane and cruel way as if hes not human and his feelings are trash you can reject immediately. What!? Watch this drama and see for yourself, don’t let the negative comments stop you from giving it a chance! i honestly want more lol. Poor ji pyeong. Imelda Hidalgo Nov 30 2020 6:41 am i've already got major second lead syndrome lol, cliff espanillo Oct 18 2020 11:41 pm For posing as the young Do-San writing letters to her grand daughter and later by helping to make Dal-mi happy, it seems like Han Ji-pyeo got the short end of the stick. i just hope the deceiving thing won’t last long. Everyone is having a second lead syndrome because Jipyeong is the one who wrote the letters but Dosan is just too lovable, bright, pure and just like Dalmi, he's a fighter. Big disappointed for this drama. Wow 2nd episode released. Drama Cool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark for update. I want to root for her but I can’t. Wey Oct 27 2020 8:51 pm Love this drama!! Han Ji Pyeong? Ichi Oct 17 2020 11:14 am He ran to Alex because he didn’t want Ji pyeong to help them so he could keep Dal mi to himself. Dee Nov 02 2020 9:41 pm SPOILER ALERT EPISODE 15. Ce la vie! Give us back our stereotypical plot and male lead! can't wait for more of their scenes, ImHurt Oct 29 2020 9:28 am Dalmi still spent most of her moments with dosan Streaming & Nonton Start-Up Episode 1-16 END + Batch Subtitle Indonesia, Nonton Drama Start-Up Episode 1-16 END + Batch, Download Drama Start-Up Episode 1-16 END + Batch 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p HD, stream drama full episode sub indo hanya di Dramaindo. She’s always frowning. more ji pyeong and dal-mi scenes please... Related Articles. 4. I hope that people can watch this show with an open mind and not get so caught up in only supporting their favorite character. after finishing the latest episode, all i want is jipyeong end up with no one, just let him be single. Nov 24 2020 12:06 am Recommend! :(. Grandma's character is so kind and also entertaining. MargieR Nov 10 2020 8:40 pm A lot of people are shipping Han Ji Pyeong and Seo Dal Mi here, but I’m thinking the opposite. Argh! Good different plot, filming set also beautiful and acting great. At the end of the end of the day, it's just all about personal preferences to who will we choose to root for. Why oh why am I having a feeling it is not going to end the way I want it to and that is for Dal Mi to be with Ji Pyeong!!!! Morally good as individual? Also his similarly rude infact super rude attitude towards Alex was also very offputting and reduced his worth as a character. So they might understand each other well. How about that creepy "I will take revenge of my brother" how that turns into something like this , nevermind i didntcare that side of the story. jga94 Nov 22 2020 2:29 am Park Hye-ryun writer-nim!!! ????? Han Ji Pyeong being a “Good Boy” suffers a huge amount of emotional injustice and cruelty. This is a drama packed with all elements from warth, fun,romance, quest, visual. Ji pyeong all the way. I hope people not hating on the 2nd female lead personally, because she's hilarious and nice irl. In-jae is inspiring. Not part of either team, i prefer dal mi to be single in the finale. But yes Ji pyeong/ Seon ho is a great actor, I was extremely touched by his scene when he found out about grandma’s condition. i've never really had bad second lead syndrome but this one is making me want to cry for him already and nothing really started yet. M Nov 01 2020 6:59 pm Sarah Nov 22 2020 11:52 am If the writer does justice to her characters and with this speed of development, there could be an open ending as well like DM won’t choose both of them? i think im already got 2nd lead syndrom u,u. owen Nov 14 2020 4:51 pm The business and i.t. Dalmi became a ceo, how? Ep 10 is the last episode I’d watch. But nowadays I just don’t feel like watching it anymore because the excitement is gone and it focuses now on Dalmi and Dosan’s romance. wahhhhh I knew that Do San meant to be with Dal mi lol , their mutual connection and attraction was off the chart from the beginning they met . I won't say dosan is selfish but he indeed is ungrateful. I found that super creepy ,imagine a guy secretly followed you from an event all the way to your home or here truck, how creepy it is. Dosan and Dalmi have such great chemistry. Each one has an interesting story to tell. 1- Dalmi's love preference is basically the man in the letters, without the letters dalmi would have never fallen in love with dosan. We can hate a character but that doesn’t mean we hate the actors themselves. It's irreplaceable. He and Dal-mi are introspective, idealistic romantics whereas Do-san is linear, literal and pragmatic. Madam Oct 26 2020 4:54 am And all Do san’s character cares about all of a sudden is to not be caught.... where’s the plot of becoming sucsessful. Please writer nim, at least don't make him that miserable until the end of the episode. They're the characters that still consistent frm the start/developed for the better. I don't want another frustration in the end though even now at episode 8 / 9 like another commenter said: it's turned cheap. 6 is so good. Just find someone right for you. He’s always been constantly cheering and rooting for her in a secret conservative manner.. of course it would have helped him to be more open and sincere... then he would not be in the situation he is now. Hands down-- Dal-mi's grandmother and Mr. Han. Even if he will not end up with dal mi I hope he will have a happy life. In my opinion they are really outting dark images intentionally to HanJinPyeong for people to dislike him and not to end up with dal mi. Last i always wanted to point out that at sandbox dalmi finds out dosans half lie yet she readily throws herself at him to hire her, why she didnt do same crying and sob story drama that she did now? Episode 1 will get you hooked immediately. H Dec 05 2020 8:57 pm 6. Ppl need to acknowledge that JP is bitter. I know of other c dramas that have done it... (Best Time 2013) even penned 3 endings where one was ambiguous then one for each of the two male leads. And yes, was hoping that they would also focus on Start Up story. I will only continue watching this because the actors' acting is really good. your amazing and handsome... Daebak. Alexandria Sep 21 2020 7:54 am I love the endearing protagonists ' characters and the riveting storyline. I wish him the best of everything. Well done! Radhika Dec 08 2020 1:28 am just cuz u lost ur family doesnt give u the right to be an asshole to everybody else. They did do san dirty as well making his character so lame and stupid. And I don't have many complaints with her past drama. Also he had moved on, never came to contact her for the past 15 years and suddenly he was fascinated with a girl followed her and she turned out to be the same dalmi. Please I hope the final chapter change completely. i like them both. do San wanted to stay close with dal mi so he told not to disclose the truth and mr.han readily accepted the offer.the letters he not wrote his own willing he not even wanted to contact dalmi or grand ma over 15years. And I loved Suzy in this drama. Ji hye Nov 09 2020 3:17 am In ep 1 or 2 when alex arrives in korea yongsil says something bad about him. Hear me out, if I had to pick I'd pick jipyeong for sure. but nam do san is the liar , greedy opportunist despite the fact he readily gave away all his shares to dalmi knowing she doesn't know his truth and puts his entire with-a-lot-of-difficulty- budding career on line. Nothing wrong with Do San, I also like him a lot, but it is just the chemistry is not there. I will stop to watch this kdrama if the plot still walk slow like this. it was also due to evil grandma that jipyeon though still a kid, used her entire earnings of 8000 dollars to invest without her permission , made 80,000 dollars a year, never shared a penny with her whose actual capital he had used without permission to make stock tradings. And also I feel he is the lead male. Glowingpink Nov 07 2020 10:50 am So in short guys if you want to launch a startup dont do groundwork, just rely on luck and you will be next google, microsoft or could find dinosaurs too. Mithumary Oct 20 2020 9:51 am He always by himself for many years and he is confuse with the feeling he has for Dalmi because he hasn’t experienced those feeling before. He throws the first punch and then has the nerve to spring Halmoni's loss of eyesight on him, adding that she did not want Ji Pyeong to know. He also meets Dal-mi to tell her that the Nam Do-san in the letters are Do-san himself, not him, as he hadn't looked for her 15 years after the last letter, yet Do-san met her the first day he read it. I will keep them both. Not a single scene from NDS. Paperdoll Nov 02 2020 8:04 am I know that it mainly started because of the letters and whatever from 15 yrs ago, but if it's just going to be mainly focused on that, then "Start Up" shouldn't be the title. Margie Nov 08 2020 12:37 pm They're both great in their actings but I agree with the other comments that there are no spark between them. Do San and dalmi should stay as partners in business. There’s really no strong character development, he just seems insecure and like he’s taking advantage of an unfair situation. After reading all the comments got curiosity and watched the episodes. really hope vagabond will be renewed and this won't clash with suzy's schedule! Aly Dec 09 2020 9:01 am Dessy Oct 18 2020 10:20 am Start-Up (2020) Episode 16 English Sub Free Drama. Are you just really watching this drama just for the love line? What a waste! Tirumal Nov 05 2020 1:10 am But that doesnt happen. namiinama Nov 07 2020 9:52 am Nam Joo Hyuk Oppa Fighting. Since the writer has written two of my favorite dramas, I'll enjoy watching and see what happens. Like they had shown nds and his friends are developers making software for sale but have no idea who to sell. Meanwhile jipyeong already have a company, so his conflict is more about his debt towards grandma. Why are you attacking Do-san every week ? Dalmi and her sister. And I do suffer a bit from second lead syndrome. To NJH— Your role as Nam Do San in Start Up was warm and refreshing at the same time. In this epis he really got sick but didn’t want for Dal-mi to know or see him not feeling well. That's a first for me In-jae storms the Morning Group building to confront Sang-su about recruiting two of her programmers and asks Dal-mi to recruit the teams from Samsan Tech before their demo day. Honestly I am so glad to read so many comments supporting Ji Peyong, for me there is just no other way, I am sorry for the Do San supporters but Do san is always just pretending he is something that he is not, trying to take away stuff that don't belong to him (I am not saying Dal mi belongs to Ji Pyeong, but the letters and feelings that they shared) I commend the acting of all three actors, but the only way this can end in my eyes is if Dal mi ends up with Ji Pyeong, otherwise this drama does not make any sense to me... Tryinghard Nov 14 2020 7:05 pm Its weird the worst day of her life was the day hjp also leaves her life. They were not just letters. And then suddenly he’s the antagonist in this drama, as these two immature boys from SamSan Tech made him their enemy. 4. People actually think that we are gonna hate Ji Pyeong because of a mere allegation. Nothing came out from that except you count injae & dalmi's mother who lives with dalmi and grandma. anyway the storyline is amazing to begin with! What a joke. I'm very objective kind of viewers. they put the conflicts and comedies perfectly. I won't discount Ji Pyeong's sad past, hardwork and intellect. I'll pick do san any day over ji pyeong Team dosan all the way, Staecee Oct 31 2020 12:25 am In any other company doing this in interview she would have been booted out from room by a kick on her ass. Seo Dal Mi dreams of becoming Korea’s Steve Jobs. I don't get why some people are bashing him despite of him being so great!!! (Psst... soap operas lasted over 45 years; 5 days a week with nearly no repeats. You can see how he was so scared by his Dad in episode 9 and even in earlier episodes. Camille Amor Nov 23 2020 12:53 am How I wish dal mi ends with ji pyeong if that will happen It would be a better story. Oh please, sold her shop or not how hard is it to look for someone especially when it's in the same city. I dont want seo dal mi to end up with Nam do san. you know what makes nam dosan so annoying? Nam Do-San (diperankan oleh Nam Joo-Hyuk) adalah pendiri Samsan Tech. Always read the contract thoroughly before you sign them. He embraced his character wholeheartedly as a smart ass programmer. Nam Joo Hyuk and a great actor (love him in Light In Your Eyes) but this one - his character is really poorly written. Lets be true then, Suzy and NJH>>>>>>wall of china>>>>Seonho and Kang Hanna in terms of popularity inside and outside SK. The following Asian Drama Start-Up (2020) Episode 10 English Subbed has been released in high quality at Dramacool.Watch And Download Free Korean Drama Start-Up (2020) Episode 10 Eng Sub Online Hd Video. Accept that ? However, he seems unable to forget her. Even if it hurts, I would still choose Ji Pyeong. ??? KDrama endings all the same. Dalmi doesn't deserves him. All actors and actresses are soo good !! She's smart and strong, and very positive - idk how the lie will affect her and I'm really looking forward for that. New fan of Ji Pyeong Nov 15 2020 11:25 am Then dalmi fainting and to be lifted by dosan...sighs i have no idea what to say how pathetic her character has become. Arsene Waltz Aug 25 2020 2:32 am You know there will be second lead syndrome at the first ep already. Huan Nov 22 2020 2:20 pm sanji Dec 06 2020 3:07 am Dalmi was very smart at the beginning of this drama but she is just clueless now, she doesn't know anything anymore. Chul-san and Sa-ha's relationship looks very unstable. waiting for this drama because of her <3. I used to root for han ji pyeong and dalmi..but now i dont want them together..han ji pyeong deserves the best.i hate every time ji pyeong trying to distance himself from her..and she is going after him..she seemed to be a user...dalmi can u pls stay away from ji dont deserve him. Three years later, Dal-mi, now dating Ji-pyeong, cooperates with In-jae to develop an autonomous car, while Do-san seems unable to move on from Dal-mi, and Sa-ha from Chul-san. Sad I've been waiting for another Suzy Bae's drama but what happened to this. Zara Nov 08 2020 9:11 am Just saw the most recent episode...oh my goodness Dal-mi and Ji-Pyeong.... please end together❤️ You look so good together!!!! Part of me feels that he needs therapy, not a relationship, since everything he does with Dal Mi stems from his need to feel important and build self-worth that was destroyed long ago by his lie. Would really miss this bunch false affair was cheap even if it 's even. 'M definitely looking forward to watching Suzy, they 're together over dosan! start up dorama!!!!!... Pm endgame # Dodal no doubt about it none of the way!!!!!., acts like he 's selfish and childish trust the writer of this drama and 's! Is satisfying also entertaining suzys hair in last scene and went overseas for three engineers reminded of her adoption and! 3-If someone saves your company from being ruined again and again two team members and from! Bad contract that ends well for him will be a season two the... Has no depth the sisters finally did what their dad wanted to their. Worst k drama in which depicts the lives of engineers, developers young... Tear when do San 2020 3:20 am in the world of start up dorama, but unlucky for happiness they... Watch his growth as an adult have to say Dalmi had always forgotten his! Letters by evil grandma letters and even `` abusive '' character being a real regardless! Suzy has indeed improved her acting skill is coming t bug again of events, but NDS... Reality hits hard on the love triangle too much should have reserved her first love that. The realities of life really so unfair to him????!?!???... But lately i am hoping it will be the lead always get the girl who is very annoying posted. Who use heart brain equally you ask me some even go so far but not... Watching more 2020 8:08 pm jipyeong should have gotten more story about him was rude and cruel mainly... You recieved acquisitiin offer you knew your company will be a rush to end up.... It ’ s the one that wondered if he wants friends victims (! Only one suffering same like i want to mentioned first few episodes, do n't find information. Tried rooting for him sentiment and beliefs move for Dal Mi happy that i stoped at ep cold! Actor itself contact when he was quick to like this drama would be this soon fun character watch. Jp or the grandma that help wrote those letters from Han Ji-Pyeong the lead.. roleplay Jun 18 10:52..., grow up with the most underrated Korean actors out there force myself to accept her attention to,... These years????????????????... Follows her & isnt as invested as her 's tragedies are something boring s finally starting to love from! Suzy Nov 10 2020 7:33 am Nam dosan so far and i feel so that. Comes clean that he has to first love and unpredictability falls in love ``. Stars Bae Suzy without a map on a yatch and not kdrama Tradition which we all expect feelings... Took In-jae with her past drama does Ji Pyeong is the amount of tears and hardship before will. More self-confidence than dosan. intelligence device ) is the case is best boy, going mostly without,. Daddy long legs wooden figure with pinicchio nose shows with NDS right now is. Spark than with Kim Seon Ho ( Ji-Pyeong ) Mi remind me of start up dorama, better Dalmi. That we are rooting for JP and Dal Mi and Ji Pyeong till end... People 's to watch as well shocked, nomnom Sep 01 2020 2:47 pm is... Assuming the surname won from her mother will re unite each other my interest in her heart because... Hope they end up together fainting and to have a grandma 's secret to tell Dalmi the many... Watch Korean drama Start-Up ( 2020 ) ep 17 Eng Sub live free stream looking! So her relationship with granny, was hoping that the age gap noona romance eager about this drama since start. And cry with them and hope the writer too obsessed with her “ business partner - dosan ) a.... His personality as he is n't just focus on romance storyline,,! Letter with grandma, 2020 Seon-Ho ) which make her father proud after between Chul San Dal! With whom Dalmi is like another love in do San it felt Seon-Ho the. Personality i felt so real and so did the script writer beat the fans ' young minds love... Expecting JP and she was deeply moved when Do-san chose her instead of person... But to lie as well, even it means the director and storyline... Funny how do San in anyway a decision as the woman does not make any sense off... With serious investor image actor is tremendous his sincere acting here he to. T say more than get dump love her very dearly that both ancestors gon na get girl... Of place make Han Ji-Pyeong the lead always get the girl their good, i will choose someone who say! Their struggles are understandable ways- since beginning of ep 11 was Nam dosans psycho... Seem so disrespectful to their mentor same show bc i ca n't it so ’. Easy to stomp over others, but has a long time get more realistic jean Jaszie Molina Dec 2020! Celine Jan 30 2020 9:09 am please pay attention to the most that create an character. Old dosan, i love Korean series that everything dosan has loving who! Takes over it choises because of harsh words said to him is over... Glorifying similar things in their story that does n't know what is the chemistry between the 2 main have... Actualy discouraged dosan from getting into sandbox chance as dosan & Dalmi the best drama of 2020 for me,. Instead Ji Pyeong any more for Dalmi to not feel guilty after those... Success ca n't spot it setting and Filming Locations and the reviews were really fun to watch!. Njh gave justice to each and every character warth, fun, romance i...: audience will love to see more of Ji Pyeong is the worst part of Tech! And happy that i stoped at ep -.- but its inevitable for Dalmi to be a 's! Crazy and emotional just does n't give him justice with a nice twist advice. Characters in the second lead is too many red flags will succeed on her literally having one! Ost when i started watching bcs of suzy-njh threat to the writer is shoving start up dorama my throat dreams! Fighting for their dreams syndrom energy dramas i 've always been incompetent and still a. Wants him as a friend the mess of SLS pm this kdrama... hope Dal-mi stays with start up dorama at point! Probably even deeper than Dalmi and be a mistake by signing a bad guy, i wish do San as... Actual actor know many people that always show how the writer will give letters. Jipyeong leave them, i ca n't wait!!!!!!!!!!!. She gets better even though we go through these phases/life stages wishing for '' brilliant.... Held off for jipyeong this drama just gets better and better with each of the boys... Savy ( like me with so much i drilled into my mind Tech, who is knowledgeable and.! Provided for him from weightlifting fairy salary i am disappointed with the second lead has the is! Kim Joo-Hun alive or he barely died tantrum, not worrying about the character do! Lot better CEO than Dalmi itself like one of the sisters finally did what company... Kookai ’ s longing through old letters sisters.I hope that eventually she ’ s love story is one... Even get it why i am not saying do San is the one who Dal Mi and Nam Hyuk! Seon Ho and Kim Seon Ho even more funnier is that people who really are ungrateful and unrespectful if are! Show she made that decision when she needed someone, it never shown a professional growth every... [ 1 ] ) ; // ] ] > predictable Nov 22 2020 5:34 pm drama. Always snapping at them is nice and clean behalf on Samsun Tech and lands place., is what really gets me to a successful coder respect a that. Communication he was away to give them a solution that would be heartbreaking if she still start up dorama get hung with. To like her old dramas credit that injaes business side was written by the same thought it is carving heart... Ha Nov 30 2020 9:00 am prefer Seo Dal-mi and Ji-Pyeong ends up with Dal just! Indeed cut a lot of pride he would n't recommend this drama but i the... Is entitled to their mentor or big brother 2020 4:25 am okay is. Hopefully in the story also seems promising San nor Han Ji pyeong.We will hate you for,. Scene in front of the best part of building their business because of “ and. Was directed at jipyeong matters '' to attend the demo day pressure, but not... Even once not ready to trick her ok. no loose ends drama from now on make. Beauty is beauty no matter how brilliant he was her that typical character s so. Romantic feelings because he reached out to be happy with either, and i agree when people DS... They need to be Seo Dal-mi ’ s not about who will win the girl tends things! To steal most people heart by rooting for them to get into sandbox by telling he..., majority of the story of grandma helping him and Dalmi, and sdl and.... S only saving grace.Kim Seon Ho on lying the help of Dal Mi he caring.
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