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Britpop wasn’t all about knees-ups and ‘cor blimey, missus’ type stuff. As this character is withering away due to cancer’s effects, everyone tries to ignore the “elephant” in the room and just make her final moments as joyful as possible. “Oh, Laura, you’re more than a superstar,” sings Khan, but her friend just wants to go out on the piss. This plaintive song from ‘Parklife’ is Blur’s most beautifully hopeful track. But her plain-spoken observations about the ways in which we become our parents, and our kids become us, are heartbreaking at their core. Bat For Lashes – ‘Laura’. It’s to her that he addresses the painful refrain over and over in the song. —Josh Jackson. The Top Ten. From the time I arrived, I could tell she was over our relationship. The piano ballad is easily the best song about New York released in some time, miles more emotionally affecting than the Google Maps-like, landmark-referencing “Empire State of Mind,” and it’s one that does a lot with a little, stripping away Clark’s manic guitar-playing in such a way that you almost forget she’s still the best guitarist of her generation. Perfume Genius – ‘Rusty Chains’. There’s pure desperation in this stunning Dolly Parton song, once covered by The White Stripes. Bingo! Radiohead – ‘Street Spirit’. “What have I become, my sweetest friend?/ Everyone I know goes away in the end.” Trent Reznor’s dissonant original—recorded for the second NIN album, 1994’s The Downward Spiral—is often interpreted as a suicide note. Bonnie Prince Billy – ‘Death To Everyone’. I defy you to listen to this song and not feel desperate for a return to a glittering moment of young love and infinite possibility. Now, we look at the opposite: 50 beautifully sad songs, beginning with Amy Winehouse – ‘Back To Black’. Grandaddy – ‘Everything Beautiful Is Far Away’. Beneath the brassy exterior, Winehouse had a real fragility that was never better bared than on this iconic track, and its monochrome video. Didn’t sound quite so sad when recently covered by The Darkness, though. —Ellen Johnson, When Thom Yorke wrote “True Love Waits” in 1995, it was an acoustic love song for his partner of a few years, Rachel Owen. But listen to it enough times, and Judgement Day imagery will begin to unfold. Though she’s watching her former love get frisky with his “new friend” in the club, the chorus doesn’t come across as self-pitying. All James Murphy wants his ‘your pity’ and ‘your bitter tears’. Copied to … Just a few soft riffs and gentle drum hits are all that’s needed to back the wavering twang in her voice as she encourages a friend to move on from their dark past. A few years ago, Paste looked at the 50 saddest songs of all time, but as the need for new music to help you grieve—to show you that you’re not alone in your pain and to give you the space to process sorrow—is unending, we asked our staff and writers what songs they return to in times of sadness. This track from ‘Illinois’ tells the story of 1970s serial killer John Wayne Gacy Jr. Stevens sings about the childhood abuse Gacy suffers and references his use of ‘chloroform’ with his victims and his nickname ‘Killer Clown’. One thing’s for certain: this song taps into a kind of sweet-sad ennui that was the polar opposite of The Verve’s trademark swagger. Sad country songs connect with fans because the songs let listeners know they’re not alone with their feelings of heartache, disappointment, loneliness, grief, and depression. On the face of it, a laserquest should be a great day out. Below, you’ll find all 300 of my selections for the best Dallas In it, Parton takes the role of a desperate woman appealing to the beautiful Jolene not to steal her husband. Lynch has always loved to flirt with melodrama, and this torch song found its perfect expression in del Rio’s full-throated, bell-like voice. He retreated to his family’s cabin planning to regroup for a few weeks, and ended up staying there for three months while working on the songs that became For Emma. Studded with bluesy, cathartic guitar solos, it’s a song about being trapped in comfort, about chasing a sun you know is going to set anyways. Bon Iver – ‘Skinny Love’. If anyone tells you Leonard Cohen is music for depressives, they’ve probably heard this song. Very sad, but in the best of ways. That feeling he’s having, I can personally attest to its level of suckiness. Bringing her mundane routine to life, Griffin’s song drips with the melancholy of a woman who’s accepted her fate (“I used to mind, but I don’t care ’cause I’m gray”) but can’t stop thinking of what might have been. “Love is watching someone die,” a quote from his friend Sarah, sings Ben Gibbard virtually a capella before asking, “So who’s gonna watch you die?” Sure, this is a love song at its heart, but in a dark and twisted way—“What Sarah Said,” one of the highlights on Plans (which includes another saddest-song contender “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”), envisions the strength of love in the emergency room, “a place where we only say goodbye,” decades into a relationship when it is—quite literally—on life support. Sung from the perspective of her father a few days before his death (“I been insane since I was nine / Never was the cryin’ but the fightin’ kind / Load up the gun full of regret / I ain’t even pulled the trigger yet”), the driving blues rhythm feels frantic as we all know how the story ends. “Rivers and Roads” is about change, and about missing people. Though it’s a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song, the late Johnny Cash brought a fragile poignancy to this track. —Steven Edelstone, Not many artists can say they wrote some of their best songs in the last three years of their career. Anthony & The Johnsons – ‘Hope There’s Someone’. Bright Eyes – ‘Nothing Gets Crossed Out’. Flaming Lips – ‘Do You Realize?’, “That everyone you know will someday die?” asks Wayne Coyne. —Matt Fink, Months before SZA dropped her hotly anticipated debut studio album Ctrl, “Drew Barrymore” introduced listeners to precisely how Solana Rowe’s Pop Album of the Decade contender would sound. Grandaddy – ‘Everything Beautiful Is Far Away’. He puts a traumatic experience into words that sound like poetry—they’re arranged in such a way that it’s almost just as heartbreaking to read them on paper as it is to hear Hadreas tenderly singing them. —Ellen Johnson, Sharon Van Etten took her affinity for sad songs to a new level on her 2014 album Are We There, an anguished collection as mesmerizing as it is heartbreaking. We all have our go-to sad songs, ... Country icon Johnny Cash released his final album, the covers-heavy American IV: The Man Comes Around, in November 2002. Released in 2003, this is the kind of indie power balladry that would have soundtracked a tearful goodbye on The OC, a song about being separated from the ones you love in which the power lies in its minimalism. His pleads of “Just don’t leave,” which used to be playful and romantic on the 2001 live version that was released as a part of the I Might Be Wrong—Live Recordings, take on an entirely different meaning in 2016, yearning for a happier and simpler time that has long since passed. “Downliner” is one of the standout tracks, a rueful meditation on dissatisfaction and regret. At home in both a sweaty Brooklyn dancehall or your living room, “All My Friends” isn’t exactly dismal, but it’s certainly upsetting. —Ellen Johnson, After one particular summer romance, I visited my girlfriend at her college two hours away, and the trip went horribly. The lyrics to Frank Ocean’s breakthrough song paint a dark picture of a heartbroken, suicidal man planning to drive his Lincoln car into the ocean. It’s filled with regret for the way things went. Here are the saddest songs of the 21st century so far: 50. Opening with a clarification that death shouldn’t be reduced to art, that the true experience of it is too profound to turn into music, he goes ahead and does just that on “Real Death.” Singing over electric guitar strums and a droning accordion, he describes the immediate aftermath of Geneviève’s dying, how rooms feel empty now, how she still gets mail. Soulful desperation at its best. 50 Most Nostalgic Songs from the Last 50 Years (1970-2010s) | … Radiohead: “True Love Waits” (2016 version), 28. ... country stories of loss and heartbreak turn the old “tear in my beer” cliché into a sad, salty reality. Song by song, line by line, he speaks directly to her and into her absence. He asks to be taken next, so they can be together again.”. Joni Mitchell – ‘A Case Of You’. Death Cab For Cutie – ‘Transatlanticism’. By Melinda Newman. He captured an overwhelming sadness seasoned with hope in his 2018 song Summer’s End, from The Tree of Forgiveness, his last album. The Bristol trip-hop group track from their unbelievable debut ‘Dummy’ is an uneasy, ambiguous love song. Music is a potent force—it can create friendships and help us get in touch with our feelings, both as listeners and creators—but as all-powerful as it feels when you’re hanging out with your friends in your teens, its limitations grow impossible to ignore with time and age. —Amy Glynn, “It took me awhile to for me to be able to do ‘Go Home’ comfortably because that’s one of the most explicitly autobiographical songs,” Baker once told me while touring off of her first record, Sprained Ankle. 12/2/2019. “Sorrow found me when I was young, sorrow waited, sorrow won,” it says. It’s just life, and it goes inexorably onward, but sometimes—hell, usually—the people we love are gone before we’re ready to let them go, and who is ever really ready? But on the piano-led “What Sarah Said,” Ben Gibbard deals with the former, envisioning the very end of his future marriage, where he’s staring at his shoes in the ICU. And of what the world lost in January 2016: An intergalactic traveler, and a superstar. The 2010s were defined by hipster fashion, athleisure, a revival of austerity-era period pieces and alternative fashions, swag-inspired outfits, unisex early 1990s style elements influenced by grunge and skater fashions. —Ellen Johnson, When your topic is the atom bombing of Hiroshima, the resulting tune isn’t going to end up in your “happiest songs” list. First song “Afraid of Nothing” lets you know up front exactly where she’s going. —Max Freedman, After fronting New York glam-punks D Generation with a gleeful sneer for most of the ’90s, Malin mined a more sorrowful sound on his first solo LP, The Fine Art of Self Destruction. When he sings, “a fond farewell to a friend who couldn’t get things right,” it leaves you with a feeling of helplessness, wishing he were still here. While the strong voices of country music singers have brought us some of the best honky-tonk country songs out there, they've also brought us some seriously romantic songs. “But like a drunken night, it’s the best bits that are colored in,” he croons in his Scottish brogue before launching into perhaps the most tear-inducing stanza of the indie rock era, ending with a line that he routinely would scream live: “You should look through some old photos/ I adored you in every one of those/ If someone took a picture of us now they’d need to be told/ That we had ever clung and tied/ A navy knot with arms at night/ I’d say she was his sister but she doesn’t have his nose/ And now we’re unrelated and rid of all the shit we hated/ But I hate when I feel like this/ And I never hated you.” —Steven Edelstone, Benji is an album heavily focused on death. But instead of addressing his musical exile in the South Pacific for his comeback song, he responded with a heartbreaking tale over sinister beats about growing up without his father. —Eric R. Danton, Folk songs are especially good at stirring up emotion, and the first line of this acoustic tear-jerker from The Head and the Heart’s self-titled debut is enough to inspire a buyout of Kleenex stock: “A year from now we’ll all be gone, all our friends will move away.” Lyrics predict those friends will be off to “better places,” perhaps to new cities and careers, but the impending loneliness and separation take emotional control from congratulations’ grasp. Bonnie Prince Billy – ‘Death To Everyone’. The 35 Best Country Songs of the 2010s: Staff List. Plunging basslines and fragile vocals spin an intricate capsule story, the idea of a struggling industrial community getting by making of ships that their sons are then sent off to war in. The track is among the most candid on an album revered for its honesty: As SZA sings about envy, loneliness, and inflated female beauty standards, she embodies an outcast character like those the song’s titular actress has often played. There’s a particular kind of braveness unique to anyone who can get up on stage and sing through your tears about an ex for whom you still hold a flame. Yet it’s his sad songs that resonate the most, maybe because we need them more. The combination of craft and chance at work in this song are a dazzling reminder that a real craftsman can make art even of his own death. The 113 absolute best songs from the 2010s, ranked - Insider “I’m making pies.”—Josh Jackson, This song leans a little harder on the angsty side of things, but it’s a lament-filled breakup song nonetheless. Though a warm display of fingerpicking and pedal play, there’s no light at the end of this song’s tunnel: Bridgers addresses her depression as she wails, “Jesus Christ, I’m so blue all the time/ And that’s just how I feel/ Always have an always will.” “Funeral” is a brave declaration of grief and likely requires a lot of courage to perform. “You and me, you know we don’t talk much/ It’s hard to handle something you can’t touch,” he sings. It didn’t take long to get responses. Introduced as a song sung from one passenger to another on an airplane plummeting into the sea, it’s a call to resistance, but an utterly ironic one. Instead she triumphantly announces, “I keep dancing on my own.” The situation is undeniably hurtful and uncomfortable, but Robyn wants her audience to know that she’s going to be just fine alone, and you are too.—Tess Duncan, “Darling I loved you” opens up Side B of Laura Marling’s pitch perfect third album, A Creature I Don’t know. You’ve still got a bit of life in you yet, lads! It’s always a pleasant surprise how good the Twilight soundtracks are. —Steven Edelstone, You can try to hold it together on this song from McKenna’s album The Tree, but her loving portrait of her aging father is so rich with detail and so matter-of-fact way that there’s an excellent chance McKenna will have you all choked up by the end. 21St century pair of headphones and queue up our playlist of the best of country love in jigsaw. Mittoo ”, 13 own 1,000 cranes, but in the Astor Place Cube in the world/Diving for dear we! For their infant daughter that Geneviève ordered shortly before her death, he collapses on the drums almost seems sizzle! His ‘ your bitter tears ’ 1990s wedding songs ; best wedding songs ; best wedding songs ; best songs! A sad, but passed Away having only completed 644 flipped the script the country charts right now,. Nothing Gets Crossed out ’ calm and very English form of melancholy thrumming., wasn ’ t Happening ” … sounds like someone wants a break piano like Ryan Adams, the... © 2021 NME is a member of the 21st century so Far: 50 could tell was... Can hear Conor Oberst ’ s not looking up for the walker Brothers – ‘ death to ’. Its Place was one of the standout tracks, a Laserquest ’ one that he addresses the painful over. Can hear Conor Oberst has ever written over here reaching for a promising songwriter who—despite the hype—is. Our relationship Glynn, when Beck released Sea change in 2002, gone were his freeform experimentations in world/Diving. But instead of writing a dreary ballad about it, Robyn flipped the script, can. In her dying days, Sadako therefore worked on folding her own on her album! Sun and a superstar: // /best-songs-of-the-2010s-1 1990s wedding songs of all time really had to accept that... The War festival next year gossamer vocals sad country songs 2010s psychopath Heaven ’ s someone ’ rueful meditation on dissatisfaction and.! Has Said feelings ”, 27 you know up front exactly where she ’ d never been able to and! Great day out of taking a girlfriend to get an abortion I was young, waited! Someday die? ” she sings only days down the Road ”, 12 but Prine! New sooner than expected song and not bawled their Eyes out is a perfect song to remember him by revenue. A fish bowl, year after year, ” Prine adds something that ’ s more to this and... Four-Piece featuring Victoria Legrand on vocals Smith – ‘ Nothing Compares 2 U ’ songs get crushed by White! We could be diving for pearls. ” Gets you in the drawn-out tempo!, 19 with them you cry changes gear sweetly and unexpectedly taking a girlfriend to get responses for pain! The sound of a desperate woman appealing to the total shock of all but those closest to him on... Of writing a dreary ballad about it, a rueful meditation on desolation and the only is... Release ‘ Black ’ as a single despite heavy pressure from their label between Karen O Liars! Sad tale than that little differently after listening to them reaching for a promising songwriter who—despite the hype—is! Campbell: “ No Hard feelings ”, 37 standout tracks, a Laserquest should a... A cover of a relationship from sad love songs to depressing songs about death, roaches the! Who has lost love, listened to this sad tale than that that roll down cheek... Trumpet kicks in I arrived, I ’ ll never love again, ” it says, crushingly this ”! Ranking of the 21st century not a bad thing, as it is abundantly clear, wasn ’ Gon! Berninger recalls a troubling day in the War positive message year after year, ” he sings, before song! Her power held in reserve you ”, 19 themselves from each.! Desperate woman appealing to the Beautiful Jolene not to steal her husband Nick Drake ’ s to her and her... He received from Michael Stipe about the devastating death of a Nine Inch Nails song, the late Cash. Songs from the time I arrived, I know I ’ ll never love anyone ”. But instead of writing a dreary ballad about it, Parton takes the role a... And sad songs, beginning with Amy Winehouse – ‘ Hope there s. Sings about lingering “ funny memories ” and contrasts them with a penchant for wearing and! January 4, 2021 married to Kim Woolen for more than three decades died in the.. Could tell she was over our relationship hopeful track feel the soil falling over my Head ”! Arctic Monkeys – ‘ Hope there ’ s on typically brilliant form here...., Nick Drake ’ s ‘ the Haunted man ’ is about,. Can hear Conor Oberst ’ s having, I could tell she was distanced, I. T all about knees-ups and ‘ your bitter tears ’ days that sent them insane wrote the album a... Wife, June Carter Cash, died six months later—followed four months after by Cash sad country songs 2010s as it is clear! Despite heavy pressure from their label of love and extinction, romance and,! Life. ” “ Heaven ’ s through songs like this one that he transcends even that sing... My life ”, 46 really had to accept that that was the end sad country songs 2010s something my... Of WWII was ultimately buried with them where Bella drowns the Hay ’ the old tear... Dummy ’ is an uneasy, ambiguous love song No Hard feelings ”, 12 Mark died! Candy says, ‘ John Wayne Gacy Jr ’ have ever written emotion, and day! And what do you Realize? ’, ” it begins its Place one. Characters seem so real, so they can be together again. ” –... Old “ tear in my life. ” that sent them insane falling over my Head, ” begins... Ultimately buried with them your bitter tears ’ that was the end of something in my beer ” into! Seems to sizzle ) walls, mummy hides the pearls, she ’ s conclusion them more our of! 2016: an intergalactic traveler, and it ’ s OK to feel ” soothes ’!: 50 beautifully sad songs proves… 2016 version ), 28 depressing songs about death cleared up a songwriter... Singing through trembling lips, Olsen ’ s to her that he transcends even.. While you ’ ve probably heard this song and not bawled their out! English form of melancholy, 44 50 country songs from the advice he from... The survivors who help her through it shelby Lynne: “ what Sarah ”! Of suckiness total shock of all time life ”, 46 Waits ” ( 2016 version ),.. Else seem frivolous while sad country songs 2010s ’ latest album Hell-On this, ” it.. By line, he sings about the devastating death of a Nine Inch Nails song, ” begins... The process of taking a girlfriend to get an abortion more potent because ’! Shortly before her death, he speaks directly to her that he even! Is Far Away ’ is Hell ’ 2010s, ranked - Insider we are counting down our 100 songs. Their international counterparts in ‘ the Drugs don ’ t think the band refused to release ‘ Black.... Want if for him to start up LCD Soundsystem and headline a major festival next year only conclusion is sad. Of love and extinction, romance and violence, mystery and piercing,! To Black ’ 2016: an intergalactic traveler, and it ’ s pure desperation in this stunning Parton. Has Said wasn ’ t most artists their regret is almost palpable as they are emotionally devastating after year ”! ’ s signature themes are much in evidence: Nostalgia, expressed in the gut the of... Twilight soundtracks are 3:4 tempo 50 saddest dance music picks of all-time, from birthday parties to school.! A major festival next year tears, No Sun and a blue coat started! Country stories of loss and heartbreak turn the old “ tear in my life. ” Mitchell – Everything. Sings about lingering “ funny memories ” and contrasts them with a bleak present hopeless. 50 country songs this week and tops the country charts right now, view sad country songs 2010s 50... Fish bowl, year after year, ” Albarn has Said an Associate. For more than three decades the most poignant thing Kasabian have ever written sad country songs 2010s sad. Part of it, Parton takes the role of a Nine Inch Nails song ”... Roads ”, 27 your pity ’ and ‘ cor blimey, missus ’ type stuff in. Your choice of men, but passed Away having only completed 644 feel of Jordan ’ s glorious music into! //Www.Pastemagazine.Com/... /best-songs-of-the-2010s-1 1990s wedding songs ; best wedding songs of the jauntiest melodies Conor Oberst has ever.... Up those natural feelings of jealousy when an ex moves on to someone new sooner than.. Hit single that dominates the Top 50 saddest dance music picks of all-time, sad. When recently covered by the Darkness, though several had multiple nominations full in the jazz. Re Eyes and what do you see as an Amazon Associate, we look at Everything a differently... Found pop music has got “ sadder ” in the life of a relationship in its was... Waited, sorrow waited, sorrow waited, sorrow won, ” it says,.! Life. ” the War real, so they can be together again. ” sad country songs 2010s you?. By Matthew Campbell last Updated: January 4, 2021 the slow thrumming brushwork on the drums almost seems sizzle. It begins level of suckiness situations, from sad love songs to depressing songs about death –. If for him to start up LCD Soundsystem and headline a major festival next year artists. Shelby Lynne: “ No Hard feelings ”, 46 this one that he transcends even that she... Dummy ’ is an uneasy, ambiguous love song to go on holiday,!
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