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Many businesses are struggling to stay afloat amid declining revenue, while others have closed indefinitely. Dopamine stimulates the feeling of pride and joy, in turn, improving work ethic and productivity. The people and companies that are shaping ideas about how companies should be run. 65% of employers say maintaining employee morale is a problem during COVID-19. I thought this was a great way for the company to show its appreciation for staff, and it provided us with plenty of new recipes to try out just in time for the weekend.” - Adam Lumb, EN Site Manager at Cashcow, “One of our perks is that we give employees up to an hour each day to do something positive for their physical or mental health, such as going on a walk, reading a book, taking an exercise class, or doing a meditation (no admin or work allowed!). In order to maintain a good employee experience, ensure that your employees have the proper resources to do great work. The shift to remote work can leave employees feeling isolated due to the lack of human interaction they would normally experience in-office. Here are 6 great ways to boost your employees’ morale during COVID-19: It is no secret that COVID-19 has created struggles for many companies worldwide. I think that we’ll continue doing this even after the pandemic is gone—it’s such a cool way to learn more about the people you work with every day.” - Dennis Vu, CEO and Co-founder of Ringblaze, “We hired a magician to put on a virtual magic show for our staff, clients, and vendors to watch with their families. The longer the stretch, the greater the potential for declines. While it can be easy to turn inwards in times of panic, it is critical that company leaders avoid this behavior. Some employees even showcased their talents live—ranging from musical performances to cake baking to cat training. Frequent communication and implementing flexible work arrangements are two of the top ways small business owners can help calm employees during this stressful time. InFlight uses analytics to improve the user experience, reduce training and support requirements, and streamline workflows for existing HCM, ATS, Financials, and other applications. When your workforce is dispersed, it’s especially important to keep your employees engaged. One of the simplest and most popular solutions has been virtual happy hours. Arkansas is experiencing some of the highest rates of COVID-19 cases in the country. Mentorship programs allow employees to meet executive-level professionals, acquire new skills, and learn about different departments. During normal times, you’d put solid internal communication front... 3. But if you had good workforce morale before coronavirus interrupted your business, you already know how to produce it. 1. It boosted morale in so many ways. I live in Austin, TX and our city’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird” so the 1st Morale Booster is pretty easy to come by in our office. As we continue to safely social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NWACC Counseling & Wellness Center has compiled a list of creative ways to spend some of your newfound free time. Hoppier virtual spending cards enable your participants to order breakfast, drinks, lunch from their favorite restaurants in minutes – a surefire way to boost remote employee morale! Are there ways to provide your employees with online counseling services or virtual appointments with healthcare professionals? Maintaining Your Team’s Morale And Productivity During COVID-19. Meme Channels. This has been one of the best ideas we’ve implemented at SnackNation to make sure we stay on top of doing fun things together as a company. Check out 3 inspiring examples of great leadership during COVID-19 and learn from Airbnb, Marriott and Walmart! But with 29% of Americans reporting that they never drink alcohol, it is time for businesses to think of more inclusive activities. So how do you make your workers happy? Virtual dance parties and Slack contests : How ad firms are boosting employee morale during the coronavirus lockdown By now, your people are adapting to the temporary COVID-19 working conditions and/or shutdowns. Many teachers say that’s the No. It is important for employees to know that there are still opportunities available and successes to be had during this crisis. Make … Checking-in with others is certainly proving to be a best practice during this pandemic. 5 Ways to Maintain Morale for On-site Employees During COVID-19 Here are ten ideas to boost the morale of your team and bring as much normalcy to the current situation as possible: Schedule regular virtual meetings to check-in on each other. From offering company learning days to bringing in a marching band (yes, tubas and all), try these 25 ideas to boost morale. ©2020 Namely, Inc. All rights reserved. “To keep our employees motivated, we are encouraging and hosting virtual social time. Even if it’s only once. 9 Morale-Boosting Employee Engagement Activities During COVID-19 October 20, 2020 | Employee Engagement , Team Building , virtual team building The pandemic has presented both employers and teams with a whole new set of challenges to contend with, making employee engagement activities during COVID-19 a vital tool. With substantial drops in revenue and fewer sales, many companies are just trying to stay afloat during this pandemic. Sign up here to get the day’s top stories delivered straight to your inbox. The time can be used all at once or in increments.” - Molly George, Partner and CEO of Kickstand Communications, “We host Netflix parties where we pick something to watch and an app syncs our screens, letting us instant message each other. 06. I work in a very creative environment so I know we’d get some crazy, fun ideas for this! Don’t neglect your employees’ mental health during this pandemic – be sure to provide them with adequate resources so they can acquire support if they need it. It’s a really cool way to connect with your coworkers and find out more about their life outside of work. We asked HR practitioners, via the SHRM Connect online community and LinkedIn, to share their ideas for easy, affordable ways to boost morale in the work environment. So have a little perspective when it comes to the work your employees do. Plus, we decided there will be a prize for the tallest sunflower, so it's turning into quite the competition.” - Rose Jinks, Digital PR Specialist at Online Mortgage Advisor, “As a way to boost morale and encourage teamwork while we’re apart, my company has been hosting virtual trivia nights every week. 1. Ravlin stated, if remote work isn’t an option, employers can improve morale by making training fun. Megan Doleweerd is a Marketing Coordinator at InFlight. Flexibility is crucial. When your workforce is separated, it is critical that efforts are made to keep employees engaged. As the uncertainties caused by COVID-19 continue to disrupt work environments, business leaders must be mindful of how they can improve employees’ mental health and morale. We gathered the top employee morale tips, tricks, and ideas from businesses around the world. Whether that is highlighting and encouraging them to use the benefits that they have available, hosting virtual exercise sessions, or sending them links about stress relief, these are some ways to show that you care during COVID-19. Why not see which team has the most steps or ran the furthest distance this week? Providing flexibility when it comes to work hours might be helpful. Coronavirus. We’ve found that this is key to recreating that ‘Friday feeling’ during lockdown.” - Nushy Rose, Managing Editor at Parlia. At the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, the situation has forced leaders to … When it comes to boosting employee morale, some companies just don't get it. Group Volunteer Opportunities. If you use these platforms, there are a few activities that you can entertain to engage your employees. Plan a long-distance date. Here are five steps you can take to lift morale and usher your workers through a period of great stress. Get advice from seasoned professionals about all your compliance questions and concerns. 8. From worrying about one’s health to worrying about job security, some employees might be feeling overwhelmed at times. Use them to help your child find healthy ways to deal with their feelings and reactions to the Covid-19 situation. Not only will these activities promote engagement among employees, but staff can use these meetings as opportunities to share their own tips for managing quarantine. This will keep their motivation and spirits high during this time. 37. Daily checklist for communication during the crisis: 1. To gain insight into your employees’ needs, just reach out to them. Here are five tips to help improve company and employee morale during coronavirus — and beyond — that can be done in-person or in the virtual world. Tourism agencies in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand have floated the idea of adding a new public holiday to boost post-Covid-19 recovery. In this podcast, McKinsey’s Tom Welchman discusses several issues that leaders can keep in mind as they try to support employees and help them adjust to the next normal. Even many work-from-home veterans may feel off-balance as they face social distancing during all hours of the day instead of their usual eight or nine. Make work fun. Tips for Boosting Employee Morale Amid COVID-19 1. InFlight is an Employee Experience Platform (EXP) that optimizes existing software investments to resolve bottlenecks that result from overly complicated applications creating friction for candidates and employees. As the uncertainties caused by COVID-19 continue to disrupt work environments, business leaders must be mindful of how they can improve employees’ mental health and morale. There are many simple, yet powerful, techniques you can use to instantly boost employee morale. Since people go to work to make money, it’s kind of a bummer when they have to spend some of that on food during the workday. If companies can implement flexible work policies now and sustain them beyond the COVID-19 crisis, they might have more success appealing to job candidates and acquiring talent down the road. Explore them here: “On Fridays, our team puts on ridiculous outfits to make each other laugh during virtual meetings. Ashton Pike. Share . Remember, the center is just an email away for any of your mental health needs - Here’s how one of our Committee members describes it: Having a departmental outing or party can boost morale." 7 Ways to Boost Your Loved One's Morale During the Coronavirus Epidemic With visits to senior communities halted, out of sight doesn't have to be out of mind. See how Namely's flexible solution will help you streamline your HR processes by having your people, payroll, and benefits info all in on place. Encourage and Host Virtual Social Time. 17 Ways to Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19 That Aren’t Happy Hours Fancy Dress Fridays. This is perfect for allowing employees to discuss any COVID-19 related banter and news that they discover. How Principals and District Leaders Are Trying to Boost Lagging Teacher Morale During COVID-19. Employee Milestone Celebrations. During stressful situations, it’s important to have a plan in place for how you’ll communicate with your employees. We all need to eat, and good food costs money. But there are ways to help reduce costs and, hopefully, avoid permanent layoffs and store closures. Twitter. As Justin says: “The fundamentals are still applicable.” Free employees from nonessential work. However, there are a few things that you can do to boost morale among your employees and promote a positive employee experience. Increase communication — with all key stakeholders. It could... 2.
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