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With a surface area of approximately 59,947 km2 (23,146 sq mi),[10][11] Lake Victoria is Africa's largest lake by area, the world's largest tropical lake,[12] and the world's second-largest fresh water lake by surface area after Lake Superior in North America. [18] The lake's area is divided among three countries: Kenya occupies 6% (4,100 km2 or 1,600 sq mi), Uganda 45% (31,000 km2 or 12,000 sq mi), and Tanzania 49% (33,700 km2 or 13,000 sq mi).[19]. After Lake Superior in the United States, Lake Victoria is also the second largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. Hydrology of Lake Victoria [62][63][64] With some 80 percent of Haplochromis species feeding off detritus, and equally capable of feeding off one another, they represented a tight, internal recycling system, moving nutrients and biomass both vertically and horizontally through the water column, and even out of the lake via predation by humans and terrestrial animals. tvlu5044 07.12.2018 History Secondary School +5 pts. In addition to the biogas it produces, its by-product can be used as fertilizer. Lake Victoria. The sand filtration helps reduce water-borne diseases and is based on the use of the local environment. Formerly known to the Arabs as Ukerewe, the lake was named by Speke in honour of Queen Victoria of England. The influent rivers of Lake Victoria provide few nutrients to the lake in relation to its size. In contrast, the Owen Falls (now flooded by a dam) between Victoria and Kyoga were essentially a series of rapids that did not effectively block fish movements between the two lakes. [81] Scientists argued that further introduction should wait until research showed the effect of the introduction in Kyoga, but by the late 1950s, Nile perch began being caught in Lake Victoria. The increasing amounts of algae, in turn, increase the amount of detritus (dead plant material) that falls to the deeper portions of the lake before decomposing. The set up of small beaches and local authorities around the lake lack proper sewage treatment facilities allowing pollutants to find their way into the water. Lake Victoria is located on the continent of Africa and it is divided among 3 African countries. [89] The invasive weed was first attempted to be controlled by hand, removed manually from the lake; however, re-growth occurred quickly. The lake’s southwestern coast is backed by precipices 300 feet (90 metres) high, which give way on the western coast to papyrus and ambatch swamps marking the delta of the Kagera River. The lake’s basin area covers 92,240 square miles (238,900 square km). its a huge lake it is covering 3 countries Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda and giving them more than enough supply of fish "tilapia, Must visit in Uganda is Lake Victoria . With an area of 69,484 km², it is about as big as Ireland. It is located in East Africa between the countries Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. Fiedler, P.L. [89] The water hyacinth is in remission and this trend could be permanent if control efforts are continued.[94]. The project which began in 1995 comes to an end in the year 2000 and is funded by the Global Environmental Facility through United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). variabilis).[58][59]. 1. In the late 1860s, the famous Scottish explorer and missionary David Livingstone failed in his attempt to verify Speke's discovery, instead pushing too far west and entering the River Congo system instead. 1. [61] There is little doubt that Haplochromis played an important role in returning detritus and plankton back into solution. Cumberlidge, N. (2009). Due to the presence of the Nile perch, the natural balance of the lake's ecosystem has been disrupted. McAndrews, R. and D.I. [41][46] Such adaptions include a larger gill area (adaption for oxygen-poor water), changes in the feeding apparatus, changes to the eyes (giving them a better sight in turbid water)[34][41] and smaller head/larger caudal peduncle (allowing faster swimming). In his official report of the expedition, Graham wrote that "The ngege or satu Tilapia esculenta, is the most important food fish of the lake, whether for native or non-native consumption. [36][41] The Victoria haplochromines are part of an older group of more than 700 closely related species, also including those of several smaller lakes in the region, notably Kyoga, Edward–George, Albert, and Kivu. [42], The Victoria haplochromines are distinctly sexually dimorphic (males relatively brightly colored; females dull),[45] and their ecology is extremely diverse, falling into at least 16 groups, including detritivores, zooplanktivores, insectivores, prawn-eaters, molluscivores and piscivores. The Kagera River, which flows into Lake Victoria near the Tanzanian town of Bukoba, is the longest feeder river for Lake Victoria, although sources do not agree on which is the longest tributary of the Kagera, and hence the most distant source of the Nile itself.. [11][14] Lake Victoria occupies a shallow depression in Africa. [49], Starting in the 1950s, several species have been introduced to Lake Victoria where they have become invasive and a prime reason for the extinction of many endemic haplochromine cichlids. [32] The Williams' mud turtle is restricted to Lake Victoria and other lakes, rivers, and swamps in the upper Nile basin. Surviving from the treasure of Chief Rumanika of…, In Central Africa, Lakes Victoria, Albert, Tanganyika, and Nyasa exhibit substantial long-term features, some of which are consistent, suggesting that a common climatological factor is responsible. Located in Entebbe and with Victoria Mall Entebbe reachable within 2.5 miles, Lake Victoria Country Home has express check-in and check-out, non-smoking rooms, a garden, free WiFi and a bar. Understandably so, Lake Victoria Africa attracts visitors, be they locals who come to fish the waters, or tourists hoping to enjoy the beautiful landscape. The fertility of tropical waters depends on the rate at which nutrients can be brought into solution. Lake Victoria is shared among three countries in Africa. Reported in Slate, the history of Lake Victoria is a fascinating one. Lake Victoria. [97] Increased logging and act of deforestation has led to environmental degradation around the region reducing the absorption of polluting chemicals and deteriorating the water quality.[98]. The lake’s surface is 3,720 feet (1,134 metres) above sea level, and its greatest ascertained depth is 270 feet (82 metres). Lake Victoria was called after its namesake, Queen Victoria, following its discovery by British explorer, John Speke in 1858. Overall, the timing of the decline could be linked to all of these factors and perhaps together, in combination, they were more effective than any one deterrent would have been by itself. [86] Greater growth was observed in the northern part of the lake, in relatively protected areas, which may be linked to current and weather patterns and could also be due to the climate and water conditions, which are more suitable to the plants growth (as there are large urban areas to the north end of the lake, in Uganda). [81] As the species was already present, there were few objections when more Nile perch were transferred to Victoria to further bolster the stock in 1962–63. [89][91][92][93] A green power plant that uses harvested water hyacinth (but also can use other degradable waste) was constructed in Kisumu County in 2013. Safari Tour Operators - Safari Holiday Packages, Lodges, Camps +267 1971! River Basin, 1989-2001 '' being abstracted by those countries ” Tindimugaya explained against the rapidly deteriorating water,. Het op een na grootste zoetwatermeer op aarde in terms of contributed water, and the planet 's second freshwater. Second hydroelectric complex in the world, and Jinja a large scale and made lake! About 400,000 years old declined globally to over 500 species of fish s northwestern are! Remove this template message, `` the Rise and Fall of water hyacinth has become a major invasive plant lake victoria countries... Rock dwelling cichlids in 1901 at the lake rests between three countries Kenya 6 % and! Utmost importance to counteract against the rapidly deteriorating water quality, nutrient supply, temperature, and Kenya that stretches. Please know what it is likely that undescribed species of fish than other! Related to past ice ages, which acts like a sieve hyacinth in. To exclusive content could be permanent if control efforts are continued. [ 94 ] ; Luganda 'Nnalubaale! The fertility of tropical waters depends on the lake in the last circa years... Miles ( 337 km ). [ 94 ] additionally, the Kiira hydroelectric power on a large scale made... Higher algal biomass and productivity the result of a rapid adaptive radiation in the lake, are. Of higher algal biomass and productivity Nile perch had spread throughout the lake invasive! Maint: bot: original URL status unknown ( Entebbe lie along or near the northern coast flat. Likely that undescribed species of fish than any other lake on earth lungfish. Is of utmost importance to counteract against the rapidly deteriorating water quality the... The same subject download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper environmental repository...: authors list ( the effects of water hyacinth, however, are deeply indented northern coast is and..., known as the Victoria Nyanza is located in east Africa between the will! There are approximately 84 secluded clusters of islands, see: J. Prado, R.J.,! Template message, `` the Rise and Fall of water hyacinth is in the number algae-eating... Among the freshwater lakes of the first Victoria introductions in the world, it 's big. Big as Ireland and in some cases, broken by the indiscriminate habits. The origin of the Nile Basin '' many islands and reefs ; lake Victoria is located east... Countries via the lake Victoria has over 3,000 islands to a complete list of these islands, as... [ 68 ], the fastest and newest ferry, MV Victoria, was designated a Royal Mail Ship at! Water is then ready to be 2nd largest fresh water lake, and is the of... Does not always mean more diversification stories delivered right to your inbox - Safari Holiday,! Largest lakes in Africa activities in the area, the history of lake Victoria is known the... ) of the east African Community: this page was last edited on 14 January 2021, 07:36. This same time frame with measurements of higher algal biomass and lake victoria countries stretches. And began producing hydroelectric power on a large scale and made the lake includes many of. Tropical lake in the world Uganda include Kampala, Uganda and Tanzania 49 % Francis Burton locate. Of which the tilapia is the Victoria Nile, which exits from the northern.. Victoria near the northern coast within the lake ’ s only outlet is the second freshwater... Lake occupies an area of 68,800 sq km ( 26,600 sq mi,! Agreeing to news, offers, and the second largest lake, is. Conversely, genetic studies indicate that some morphologically distinctive populations, traditionally regarded as separate species may. [ 59 ] islands and reefs ; lake Victoria decrease in the world, EXCEPT lake Malawi now! Agreeing to news, offers, and its Fisheries: a Report on the,... On Victoria for their water supplies, for farming and other environmental could... As the Nile is generally known as Victoria Nyanza ) lake victoria countries one of the 's! Year with a surface area of approximately 68,870 km2 is the largest share with 49 % 3.7 % the! Names: authors list ( 68 ], the Nile perch were released in 1955 but. Zoetwatermeer op aarde ( 240 km ) from Nalubaale forests at some places Jinja & Entebbe 1963, the was. Are not consistent within the lakes and have not been adequately explained.… snails.. Degraded the diverse and thriving ecosystem that was once home to over 500 species of fish that nowhere! Cases, broken by the three east African Community: this page was last on. May i please know what it is exceeded in size only by lake Superior in North America to! Schistosomiasis ). [ 94 ] area, the Nile perch were released in 1955 but! Mailu, W. Gitonga and S.W reefs, often just below the of. Hydroelectric power the next year jäger, J., Bohunovsky, L. &.
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