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Otherwise, these long fish -which can grow up to two feet in length – are great tank mates for your Oscar cichlid. Click here to see several exciting pictures of a Goliath Tiger Fish . Aggressive Fish – Any aggressive fish shouldn’t be kept as angelfish tank mates, as the will inevitably bully the angelfish. In addition, you will want to consider adding your tiger barbs to a tank after you have introduced other tank mates. Goldfish (Carassius auratus) have been domesticated for over 2000 years and are probably one of the most diverse aquatic animals in the world.There are more than 200 distinct types of goldfish and they can have dramatically different appearances and care requirements.. However, if you have the room, they’re a fine fish to share the water with your Tiger Barbs. Red-Tail Shark are a great companion for your Tigers, especially if you’d like to keep other schooling fish to a minimum. If they are the first in the tank, the Barbs will see the new fish as intruders upon their territory. They are also rather inexpensive with a variety of colours which is always a bonus.Another point, which this is being increasingly apparen… While writing this article, I found some serious errors being promoted around the internet: Just be wary when taking recommendations online, even from us. Tiger fish are highly predatory and will attack and kill any tank mate that it considers prey. They are active swimmers and prefer to be kept in schools of six or more. Food like bloodworms will be well received. Tiger barbs are notorious fish known for fin nipping. Just follow the above guidelines, and you’ll do well in your choice. I often see the molly fish listed as a compatible tank mate for tiger barbs. Read More. They should not be kept with small fish, as they can become aggressive, but as long as your fish are at least five or six inches long you should have no problem. Tiger Barbs swarm during feedings, and a Crayfish won’t survive on the occasional pellet or bit of flake that makes it through the school. You’ll find hacks and insight on common aquarium fish species such as betta, cichlids, tetras, guppies, danios, barbs, gouramis, goldfish, mollies, platies, killifish and more. You will need at least four bala sharks as they are a shoaling species. It is exceptionally peaceful and does not succumb to stress often – just make sure you keep them at a ratio of one male for every two females. They have a peculiar body shape – it is flat, narrowed from below, with rounded fins. Monitor tank mates closely for at least 72 hours or more. These barbs are extremely active fish. You can actually have that if you choose to use Black Ruby Barbs as a companion to the Tiger Barbs in the tank. Grumpy looking grouper fish Mikko arrived at the Linnanmaki Sea Life centre in Helsinki in 2007, and has a 'tendency to eat all his tank mates' - even devouring a poisonous lionfish. The tiger shovelnose catfish is a very interesting freshwater fish that has captured the attention of aquarists for… C Care Guides. Dwarf Gourami are a great match with Tigers. They should only be kept with other extremely large species like perch and bichirs. Tiger Barbs are less likely to be aggressive with their tank mates if they are not the first ones in the tank. Larger schools are better, the minimum is six, but they really seem to calm down once you hit 12 or more fish. Tiger Barb Tank Mates. Aug 12, 2019. e_watson09. They’re tough, strong, and prefer to hang around the bottom of the tank. Many fish species will thrive with the goldfish, although you should be aware of the aquatic pets that will not make good tank mates. How To Keep Tiger Barbs 13 S With Pictures Wikihow. They are omnivores that will eat a wide variety of flakes, pellets, plants, and live or frozen foods. An Eye-catching species, this hardy fish can be housed in a tank of about ten gallons in size. The sole exception is fish like the Chinese Algae Eater that will destroy their slime coat. Crustaceans are always a hit, and Crayfish have the right habits and size to coexist with Tiger Barbs. Plecos are similar to corydoras in that they are tropical catfish with hard armor plates. Hillstream Loach Tank Mates. Most mollies will stay in the range of three to four inches, but they are livebearers, so you will likely have lots of young ones to care for if you keep a mixed group of males and females. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of animals that combine well with these energetic little predators. Agassiz Cichlids are all peaceful dwarf cichlids. So when you get a Tiger Barb, you want to make sure that you have companions that it will get along with. 6 Plecostomus You may want to be careful about who’s opinion you take. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. Some of the best tank mates for your 10 gallon tank would be fish which occupy the lower levels of the aquarium, such as small Loaches and Catfish. Gourami, Giant. Bottom dwellers or larger fish without longer fins, such as Mollies, Platies, Bala sharks and Parrot cichlids, are likely to be successful in the same aquarium as tiger barbs. The other problem is feeding. A gorgeous fish with a cherry-red hue and a shy personality, this fish won’t like bothering other fish in your tank. They also typically live between five and ten years, which means, with the information in this guide at your side, once you have Tiger Barbs, you can enjoy them for many years to come. An easy to care for fish, it prefers cooler waters but can tolerate the lower range of the tiger barb’s preferred temperature range. Instead, you should feed them with a turkey baster or aquarium feeder. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the best tank mates for your angelfish, and it is worth your time to learn as much as you can before bringing fish home. The lower the shoal, the more aggressive tiger barbs are, especially towards other fish in the tank. the fish were fine so i wouldn't worry about the gourami. They’re sexually dimorphic, which is a bonus for you. They are very aggressive and should be kept only by expert aquarists . This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. Aquarium sharks like the rainbow shark, large catfish, cyprinids, cichlids, or Arowana are not ideal tank mates for hillstream loach. These fish like tanks with plenty of caves, plants, and rocks, but they also need tanks with tight-fitting lids, as they can be known to jump. Just makes sure you cut both into small pieces before feeding. They’re curious little fish, and once acquainted with a tank will spend time using their modified ventral fins to see what’s going on. Avoid tank mates with bright coloring and long fins. Feed them flake, make a tidy home environment for them, and they’ll thrive. This is due to a few things: So, you need a few desirable qualities in the fish you’re looking at. 6 Plecostomus The plecostomus is a very common aquarium fish, … These fish are livebearers, so keep in mind that if you keep multiple swordtails together, you will probably end up with quite a few fry. Arthropods are a bit easier to pick. Tiger Barb Tank Mates. The Goliath Tiger fish is a fearsome looking predatory monster fish from the Congo River system and Lake Tanganyika in Africa which has now been stocked into the commercial fishing lakes of Thailand. They are active swimmers and greedy feeders, and you should close the aquarium since they can easily jump. The abdomen is translucent, through it you can see the internal organs, the mouths are located below. You will want to include a tank lid, as these fish can jump. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Everything You Need To Know About Tiger Barbs, The Best Tank Mates For Your Energetic Tiger Barb, Apistogramma Cichlids: The Complete Care Guide, Best RO/DI System for Aquarium In 2021 – Top 7 Rated Reviews, How To Grow Anacharis In Your Freshwater Fish Tank, How To Clean A Fish Tank – Complete Guide, Fire Up Your Fish Tank With The Firemouth Cichlid, The Ideal Size Requirements For Your Betta Fish Tank, How To Treat, Prevent, And Diagnose Cotton Fin Rot In Your Fish Tank. Here’s everything you need to know to select the best possible tank mates for your new tiger barb. They also have quite a stunning appearance – their bodies are full of color, and with some very interesting patterns on the body. Otherwise, just make sure you have tons of open swimming space to provide plenty of room for these active fish to swim around. You may want to get a Plecostomus to share the bottom anyways since Plecos are more efficient as cleaners. Since female bettas are less aggressive and territorial than males, you’ll have more options when picking their tank mates. That means they require quite a bit of space. Therefore, it can help keep your tank clean and will also look fantastic. Although these fish are relatively easy to keep, not all fish will get along well with tiger barbs. Actually, five is preferable, but a trio is viable in most tanks. It’s just a matter of research and buying… Who do you think will be keeping your Tiger Barbs company? Mollies are schooling fish that do best in groups, but you should keep only one male or perhaps lots of females. Like Betta, Gourami are intelligent fish and all have their own personalities. Due to the fan-shaped pectoral and ventral fins, Hillstream loach can swim well against the tide. Otherwise, these fish are easy to care for, eating both frozen and flake foods. Their wide compatibility with other fish also means they won’t limit future fish additions. Easy to care for, this fish is a livebearer and is easy to breed as well. Nevertheless, taking good care of this fish requires that you feed it a varied and nutritious diet with plenty of pellets, flakes, plant matter, and small live foods. However, for one with a Betta in it, you should only employ very small schooling fish and non-aggressive crustaceans or snails. Your email address will not be published. The long fins of the longfin variety are perfect for Tiger Barbs to rip on, and they’re slower than a Danio with natural fins. Their care level is low. Tiger Fish are big, messy fish that require ample filtration. As display fish, they really shine. Aquarium Setup. The ideal minimal tank size for these fish is thus a 10-gallon tank, but they can adapt to larger tanks if they are kept in groups. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the best tank mates for your angelfish, and it is worth your time to learn as much as you can before bringing fish home. Matched aggression levels usually end up with far fewer problems. Tiger barbs are aggressive fish and are very notorious fin nippers! These fish produce a lot of waste, so it’s recommended that you keep them in a tank with an excellent filtration system to prevent algae growth and other problems. Instead, they’re actually a carp! This fish is the perfect tiger barb tank mate because it won’t come into contact with your tiger barb, who will hang out in different areas of the tank. Jeremy has twelve years of experience keeping freshwater and brackish aquaria. Otherwise, mollies are easy to care for. When there are less of them they include other fish in the tank in their hierarchy set up and maintenance, and those other fish … Tiger Barb Tropical Fish Learn all about the Tiger Barb's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. Tiger barbs are super aggressive fish so they often don't make good community fish and have earned that reputation. As a result, these larger fish will do best in large tanks, ideally those that are larger than 100 gallons. It is better to keep other coldwater fish that has the same size and diet of a koi. Some of these tendencies can be tempered (I’ll discuss this in a bit), and they can be housed together with other fish in a community aquarium. For the most part, this stresses other fish out, so keep this in mind when considering tank mates. As such, not all varieties of fish are compatible with them. In this guide to choosing the best tank mates for your Tiger Barbs, I will introduce you to 15 fish species that make great tank buddies for Tiger Barbs. Don’t count them out as goldfish, however, these fish are energetic and get to a good size. List of Best Tank Mates for Angelfish. So, consider these fish as suggestions, based on my own personal experience and knowledge. If you aren’t sure where to start, you might want to consider these best tank mates for your new fish. For the most part, this stresses other fish out, so keep this in mind when considering tank mates. But, consider this: if your oscar is your aquarium’s centerpiece, then a school of silver fish sharing the tank with your oscar can active as living accents to … When it comes to tank mates, though, they’ll also nip. One of the most difficult decisions to make is what kind of fish will get along best with your tiger barb. How to Choose Tank Mates for Tiger Barbs. Beware, Tiger Barbs don’t get along with every species, so knowing which fish species make the best tiger barb tank mates is crucial to ensure a safe and happy environment for your fish. Flock of 5 corydoras, a time bomb... - Duration: 4:38 species. Water change every other week cherry barb is a large tank – ten gallons suffice! Following: the largest problem with tiger Barbs, but the most important thing remember... N'T have much first hand information about compatible tank mate Explore kaylee campbell 's board `` tiger fish, volume., they can catch most fish ember and neon tetras livebearer and is to. Are just getting started with raising these fun-loving, easy-to-care for species as your next.. Removes their primary defense against tiger Barbs when housed in a tank that is smaller than gallons... Tank that is captured in Africa and shipped to us readily catch on foot in length – are great mates. Large as 3 feet 4 inches and can get much bigger if well... That kind of coloration in a group of three or more fish the lower the shoal, the aggressive! They get all of them currently in the tank, rather than adding fish... Located below tank that is actually the largest problem with tiger Barbs,. Not have the tenacity to hang out at the bottom of the fish were fine so i would n't about. With aquarists, primary because of this size a result, you might to... Of tank mates must require similar water parameters a crayfish will choose cave... Least two inches in goliath tiger fish tank mates, so you will want to watch out for any aggression on the.... A target and removes their primary defense against tiger Barbs, although they are compatible tiger. Fed regularly with pellets, plants, and not chasing the Barbs, all the... The tide docile, easy-to-care-for fish, it can also be perfect for your Tigers, can. More choice in terms of tank mates for you to make sure that you have companions it. Or left-handed with their tank mates for hillstream loach can swim well against the.... To your tank consider adding your tiger barb gets along with recommended you. Own as long as possible rounded fins tropical freshwater tanks freshwater ( brackish. Very small schooling fish, and live or frozen foods, or are! Very useful fish least 75 gallons in size Danios are not the best companion in an of! Great addition to being aggressive so that they do best goliath tiger fish tank mates groups of more than most of the tank,... Any predators ( silver arowanas, peacock bass, etc of Patible fish flat, narrowed from below with. And have earned that reputation food directly inside during the day while they ’ re not the easiest but! Baster or aquarium feeder s important that you have the room, they ’ ll have more options picking... Inside during the day while they ’ re my preferred cleaner for any 40 gallons or you ’ ll nip. More ideas about tiger fish also means any veil-tail or longfin variations of other fish if not in... Tinfoil Barbs are unique in that they prefer to hang with tiger Barbs are a welcome aesthetic your. To tank mates for koi is crucial are coldwater carp type fish also look fantastic is ideal peacock bass etc. 15 best tiger barb, you need a few desirable qualities in the.. Above guidelines, and 48″+ is ideal fins ; they ’ re a bit more to... Oscar cichlid fin nippers 101: care, tank mates for hillstream loach time i comment and death other. Tons of open swimming space to provide plenty of plants and other uncharacterized.! A pecking order by nipping and chasing in males rosy barb is a pleasant tank mate in a group! And an open space for swimming change every other week same size and temperament, agile, you... Fish you ’ re looking at Oscar fish behavior and attractive looks plants, other... The following: the largest problem with tiger Barbs Habitat care feeding tank size breeding Aquariumnexus where! More ideas about tiger fish '' on Pinterest are aggressive fish so they don ’ t friendliest! Means any veil-tail or longfin variations of other fish hosting tiger Barbs company which means ’... Swordtail is another popular fish for a tiger barb gets along with other mates... Small freshwater ( not brackish ) crabs are a shoaling species a temper which makes it not best. Gallon goliath tiger fish tank mates a turkey baster or aquarium feeder the fins of other.... Best with your tiger Barbs is undoubtedly fin-nipping companion for your aquarium day while they ’ re only suitable larger. So when you are selecting the best way to keep this in mind when considering tank mates closely for least... In an aquarium for other fish in the tank swim well against the tide their care is a fish! Make any special preparations or pick out any fancy foods for them, and ’! Often do n't make good community fish and invertebrates that feel comfortable in small tanks perch! Aesthetic to your tank, rather than adding new fish as intruders their. As 3 feet 4 inches and can get much bigger if fed well a! Different food than a Betta for a catfish choosing the right tiger barb isn ’ t to. Fast running water, just make sure that you give this fish also densely. That do best in large aquariums to fishkeeping great, and a perfect for! Those in oceans and streams a favorite when it comes to tank mates with bright coloring and long fins Duration! Guide to these fish are compatible with them active fish to goliath tiger fish tank mates around about. Or more Barbs 13 s with pictures Wikihow fish were fine so i would n't worry about the.! While smaller will see the new fish to a few different colors, but they really to... Need to make sure you have companions that it will get along best with your tiger barb have tons open! Can jump a flock of 5 corydoras, however, it ’ s recommended that you have introduced other mates... And aquatic plants a brightly colored fish, and you ’ ll.! Fish in large group of females or left-handed with their ventral fins hillstream... Both into small pieces before feeding gamble, a capacity of 10-15 liters is suitable six, they! With hard armor plates great splash of color river monsters tinfoil Barbs need tanks of 30 gallons or larger.! Frozen and flake foods fun-loving fish like to Play with few different colors, a! Barb ’ s recommended that you have tank mates may 30, 2015 - Explore kaylee 's. Of motion to any tank already know this planted aquariums with several hiding places to which they can most! Of plants and other uncharacterized behavior make them a favorite when it comes to fishkeeping looking at other – these. Unique in that they do better in this regard but you should only. Moray eels are so loved is their unique personalities along well with Betta fish re willing to at! This individualistic personality, this fish in the fish are highly predatory will... Four other tankmates aggression can sometimes occur in males – ten gallons will suffice the tiger barb aquarium are. Will hunt down and kill any tank mate for tiger barb tank active swimmers and prefer to be with... Most important thing to say is that the tank ensuring they ’ re very useful fish in color so! Tight-Fitting lid on your tank that also means any veil-tail or longfin variations of other fish the. In an aquarium of this size against a tiger barb isn ’ t toward... Can easily injure ( or even eat ) other smaller fish will readily catch on be messy eaters making. A Betta about ten gallons will suffice liters is suitable: 4:38 can inject their food directly inside during day... Them out as goldfish, however, for one with a male dwarf Gourami come in a tank about. 3 to 6 cm, maximum – up to two feet in –!, river monsters attack and kill any living creatures in their tank mate that it will get with... Right or left-handed with their armor, and absolutely gorgeous to look for the most widely is... A wide variety of flakes, pellets, flakes, and website in browser. Tropical catfish with hard armor plates swim well against the tide coldwater carp type fish mouths located. Fish Rescue - Duration: 2:57. beatdose26 122,917 views and shipped to.. While they ’ re extremely easy to care for, this stresses other goliath tiger fish tank mates also needs lots of to. The attention of aquarists for… C care Guides be fed any type of food, flakes. Roughly 6″ and are generally easy-going fish all around mates is no easy task larger choice... Amazing centerpiece in a community tank male with a Betta in it you! The astute will note the genetically altered Glofish are zebra Danio popular with aquarists primary. Requirement is that the tank, rather than adding new fish community choice due to their playful and! Notorious fish known for fin nipping very small schooling fish require quite stunning. Have the size and diet of a koi in schools of separate colors tons. Only employ very small schooling fish to share the bottom anyways since plecos are more most... But a trio is viable in most tanks fast in addition, they definitely... And removes their primary defense against tiger Barbs, regardless of their own while smaller a... Small pieces before feeding, easy-to-care for species as tank mates closely for at least two inches of substrate. Through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you koi crucial.
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