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Hi Tracy. Love your posts Maria. I have a BLACK shingle roof. How to Paint Tile. Thanks! We just recently painted (1 month) and I regret the decision. Hi Heather! Also, what is the grout color of the floors, or were the floors already there? I also feel Snowbound would look great paired with that roof! I have Silver Shadow epoxy grout, a light gray known for being a complement to carrara. I still want a white house, but not the bright white. Thanks in advance! I’m loving this color combo. You have more than just enough colors to choose from. Hi Tina: Do you know which Mapei grout color is shown in Kelly’s bathroom? Also grout refresh by Mapei can be relatively easily applied and fix stained grout. As you might know, we’re in the process of building, and right now we’re trying to decide on an overall color scheme for the exterior. It’s perfect! It’s a totally different application procedure than normal grout, and most tilers have never used it, and they had a terrible time working with it. We live in Anchorage, Alaska and may dare to be different and paint our house white. Hello! I’m a big fan of using the same paint on the trim as well. Highly recommend it. All the houses in neighborhood are earth tones. Too late now probably, but I used BM White Dove on our brick exterior and I’m in that same Florida sun. No regrets. Did I miss the comments about sealing? Avoid mistakes and get expert colour training! 10 Best Bathroom Paint Colors. Laurel Bern just wrote about it yesterday saying how disgusting it is : ) 42315 Elizabeth Avenue I would never do it again unless my tile layer specifically recommended it and had experience with it. Looks great so far. So much better! It’s the one you’d pull out if you need to match the colour of stone. Best Grout Colour for White Tile. Check out our list of the 10 best white paint colors for beautifully neutral walls. Maybe because of that, the application wasn’t super smooth so I find it gets dirty similar to regular grout. Thank you! So there is a chance it might look too bright in your sunroom. Sealing and tinting has to be confined to the grout line because the products seep over the tile field. Join me as I walk you through 15 Modules on what you need to know to choose exterior colour like a pro! There are hundreds of white paint colors, all with different tints, brightness levels, and sheens. He did not put the stain inhibitor on top of the grout but prefers to mix in right in to get the best result. The Best White Paint Colors for Exteriors. And now to grout colours which I get asked about a lot, so here’s a hot tip: For white tile floors, I often specify grout that matches the colour of natural stone (below). Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint; 2. It really helps to see the different whites on homes, side by side. I have not noticed a difference. It comes at just the time I especially need it! It certainly is better to have sconces on either side but it’s tricky to measure in advance (you MUST have chosen your lights in advance) which is why I think a lot of people just put up a bar light! Thanks. I appreciate all the informative comments too. We'll keep you updated on what we're up to. That is a very pretty color! How to make a conversation about grout colour interesting? But I find it cleans up well. rather than tile. Just something about it…. Luke was just around 6 months old when these photos were taken, the perfect age for some nudie pics . Thank you so much for the kind words! Shiny white tiles make a bathroom appear airy and bright. Within a year our highly trafficked kitchen grout was super dingy and I tried EVERYTHING to clean it, including steaming, which helped but only a bit. I know there will be someone who asks why I wanted to paint such pretty tile. Hi! I like the idea of starting with a greyed out or dirt reminiscent grout! Hi Hello Lory! Just in-between. Was wondering if this would be to bright of a color. I’d like to pain the window munions a contrasting color – but not dark. This would also mean having the mirrors picked out as well as the sconces, right? Would have saved me a lot of heartache in my last reno! We’ll let you know about all of our new content and what we’re up to. The tile contractor was very experienced and knew what he was doing. A benefit to going White Dove is to also paint the interior the same. Does she also have overhead lighting? And love the bedroom too ! Painting floor tiles is so much easier than we ever anticipated. Do you love it? We still haven’t decided yet, but we still have time. I’m trying to figure out a nice white/off white to paint my house but it’s been overwhelming. Thanks. I’ve told the painters that I want to make it more white. 1. Join over 30,000 people who get fresh content from Colour Me Happy every week! Which white do you think would look best with this type of trim? Thanks Maria! We still haven’t picked the white yet and could use some advice. I was happy to see the faucets that we chose for our master bathroom remodel on your post, the Cassidy with cross handles. So, I got a grout refresher in a darker grey (which goes with the rest of my kitchen anyway) and applied it over the white grout. It’s also drying out and cracking in places just like regular grout, so overall I found it to be an extra expense and headache with no benefit. It’s only been a year and still looks the same. Love your article! Natural Choice is another neutral white that is not too yellow nor too gray. And was going with SW pure white. I hope it is ok that I post a link to it, but it is SO funny. In addition, the White Dove paint colour goes well with our subway tile backsplash, quartz countertops and white windows. I’m replacing cream counters and thermawrap cabinet doors but I was hoping to keep the floors and just make them look better somehow. I just selected grout colors for our bathroom remodel. Thanks Amy! You should contact Garden Gate Homes to find out the trim color, and I’m afraid we do not have any first hand experience with Incredible White. Use a roller to apply paint evenly to the tile. I always wanted a creme/off White House. Thank you for this post! Would paint work to cover the dye? Shop for the right paint for tiles. So we ended up solving the problem with a coordinating paint colour instead. Maria Is that a valence over wood blinds? Thanks! Could anyone offer any advice on the gables? I like to make them go away by painting them, and their trim, the same as the body. our roof is black we want to paint all of the trim and front doors Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. Vaulted Ceilings in the Kitchen: Pros and Cons, Add Curb Appeal by Choosing the Right Guttering, The Easiest Way to Build a Cabinet Drawer, How to Create a Concrete Look with Venetian Plaster. The Rule of More (When shopping for bathroom fixtures), Transform your Bathroom with a Shower Curtain, 80s Cream Bathroom Refresh; Before & After. Thanks! What “white” did you go with on the exterior of your current home? We have a east facing home so the sun is shinning on it most of the day. Thanks, Todd, Great resource for exterior paint ideas. I’m worried of blinding my neighbors. We are also in So. Here’s my story: I installed white subway tile in my kitchen (backsplash) and used white grout (the regular kind, not epoxy). Do you think Kelly Moore would be able to match it, and they use the same color code to give me the Sherwin-Williams color, but it’s not coming out the same. I tried cloud white and white dove and both seemed like bright white on the wall and glaring. There’s a link below the image. Thanks! Vote Up 0 Vote Down . That’s what sealing did for me. After all, you can paint an ugly wall or an outdated door—why not paint some floor tiles? Sealing does have to be repeated, but it’s infrequent and a simple diy task. What color was the bedroom and bathroom painted? I had a former brother-in-law who used to PAINT grout when it started looking bad. We are taking the plunge and painting our white with black trim this week!! I have been thinking about a white with a black/brown/gray trim and we are planning on replacing part of our cedar siding and just staining it natural for an accent door. Majic Paints 8-9404-2 Diamond Hard Interior/Exterior Satin Paint RePurpose your Furniture, Cabinets, Glass, Metal, Tile, Wood and More, 1-Quart, Glacier Mist 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,207 $14.99 $ 14 . Thank you Maria for your blog advice, e-books and e-design services. Which white will you guys go with for your new build? Thanks for your help! For our small entryway it was a quick project with a lot of downtime to allow the primer and paint … I’m glad I wrote about this, educational for everyone, I love how my readers always move the conversation forward in the comments! Our roof color is a grey tile roof and we are painting the outside either SW Alabaster or BM Dove White? Our builder used epoxy grout. Need a trim color. Putting a sconce next to the mirror, rather than a bar light is also more complimentary to lighting the face, but is tricky when you have a tight corner with a medicine cabinet opening into the light fixture. It’s only on easier to clean shower walls. That stays white a lot longer. We are building a new home and want a white exterior with wood shutter, front door, and porch columns that are stained in a light brown / tan color. Find out what paint colour I recommended matching up to get a grout colour that will look best with your white tile for years to come. Everything looks great – bathroom, bedroom & baby!!! Second, grout will eventually match the color of your local dirt. We didn’t seal it and when the countertop guys came to install I wasn’t home to ask them to remove their shoes. For the first while it looked really nice. Enter your email address below to become part of the Plank & Pillow community. All done in white w white grout and prob the least expensive, but surprisingly all are still spotless white and in great shape. Kindra – What color did you end up choosing? I imagine this bedroom without that round mirror so light and airy! Rust-Oleum Universal Paint; 3. Rustins Quick Dry Step & Tile Black; 6. We used epoxy grout in multiple bathrooms, and I wouldn’t do it again. Just curious, what did you do for the new shower floor? Thanks! Hi Christy. Thanks! We have white windows, two gable ends, and tumbled brick in our porch area .. White paint can have undertones of gray, blue, and beige, it can be neutral, warm, or cool and can completely transform a room depending on its shade. This concept works great for a small or large bathroom. ... We have a strong red barrel tile roof and want to go with a white house. The tiles attached are white glossy ceramic wall tiles from home improvement store covered in spray paint. I don’t want too grey or too yellow. I’m getting ready to paint as well and have chosen those exact colors for exterior, trim, front door, and garage. Great topic, adorable baby, and beautiful bathroom. They are difficult to keep clean and are not my fav, but I also HATE walking on grouted shower floors no matter how new. We are building a new home and exterior paint colors are due shortly. What gray color do you recommend for trim if I’m painting my house snowbound or white dove? When we built our house over 3 years ago, I used 2″ hex tiles for the floors and white subway for the shower walls and also the wall behind the vanity (thank you!!!). Hello Annalisa! They’re both FREE! 500ml can, 14m coverage, 16 hours drying time, durable, hig… It’s such a difficult decision, but it’s one that we have to get right. It’s probably the brightest white paint I would use on the exterior of a house. Here’s the master bedroom: Rug no longer available similar here and here | Mirror, similar here and here. I like the warm gray color grout. We had Sherwin Williams Creamy in the farmhouse, and when a lot of sunlight was hitting it, it did not look creamy at all, and was not overly bright. 1. However, on the exterior where you don’t want a bright white, I think it looks amazing. Thanks. Any thoughts on the type of white for the terra-cotta roof with black trim and a textured stucco? Some people don’t like it and other do! I posted the nursery a few weeks ago here. There a stucco arches above the windows and I am not sure what color to paint the arches, trim, porch posts, and gutters. While this project can be completed in a weekend, it does require some skill. Hi! We recently painted the stucco “gray clouds” thinking it was a light gray (with black trim) but it looks almost blue/silver in the shade. The grout looked brand new again and it did the job of sealing the grout as well, perfect timing as were about to list our house for sale and I wanted everything to be perfect. I was thinking of selecting the Shake siding in Snowbound (sherwin williams) it is JamesHardies dream color collection known as Farmhouse White. Unless you have a fabulous garage door, consider doing the garage door the same color white as the body. For interior kitchen tiles & generic wall tiles (including porcelain, ceramic & glass). (love, love this home!) It worked though but was a lot of work. We use it with any tile, it has a nice contrast with light or dark. It has gotten dirty looking in spite of the hours spent cleaning it. But I like this solution also. I think you should be ok. Hi Brooke, Sorry Im just now getting back to you! Today we’re getting a closer look at her master bedroom and ensuite! We used Fusion Pro (an acrylic grout) in natural gray, which is a gray green, everywhere except in the shower. I’m sure it looks wonderful. Her new bathroom is turning out beautiful. It’s also cracked and crumbling to the point the whole shower needs to be re-grouted. Any input is greatly appreciated. Hope that helps a bit! Like Pure White, don’t let the name fool you. Thanks! Hello Nancy! Which white would look best with the black windows and which black trim paint would look best? Also suitable for brick and masonry, this product is ideal to use on exposed brick walls in the kitchen or bathroom, integrating with … We actually used Snow bound on the exterior trim of a house we flipped a couple of years ago. After installing thousands of feet of tile in several houses, I had an opportunity to specify epoxy grout. It makes the room seem larger IMO. Thanks so much! I scrub it 1-2 times a year with soft scrub with helps a bit. But, you’d have to wash your floors once in a while! We have Mediterranean type house with terra-cotta barrel tiled roof. I am not sure of the front entrance door yet. . It’s torture trying to decide on which white is best. Going with an off white or a white that has some creaminess to it, is the way to go. Any suggestions appreciated! Thank you. Decorator, author, speaker and internationally sought after Colour Expert. What about on the underside of the eaves (under roof) and/or garage doors? If so, what is the style called? The first home is beautiful, but it isn’t one of our homes. It is a covered porch a d would not have the light our exterior trim would receive. Hi there….I am building a new house and am struggling with which exterior color I should choose for the JamesHardie shaker siding. Well, you add an adorable baby to the post, that’s how . Any suggestions on a trim color? This paint goes a long way–1 quart will be PLENTY for most backsplashes. It’s crucial to pick a paint that’s right for the tile material and bathroom surface. We have white windows, no shutters and will be putting a warm stained wood feature in the peaks and our posts on the porch will be stained as well. It’s probably a little warmer than Pure White, but no where near the warmth of Oyster White or Alabaster. Website crafted with ❤️ by – BRAND OVERTURE, I love seeing all the creative ways my followers u, You know the #blackandwhitetrend has hit critical, Today is my sweet Mom’s 75th birthday I, Still love the #whitepennytile in my #powderroom, Who is #organizing this January? I swear dust and dirt got cured into it. And it flows beautifully into the ensuite. There are several products that can be added to grout mixture that prevent mildew, mold and discoloration. Love the bathroom and agree about the sconce lighting, so pretty, but doesn’t seem like it would be enough light. Epoxy and regular grout both need to be sealed after curing/hardening. Copyright © 2019 | Maria Killam Our house has Batton Board & brick. I was thinking of painting entire entire (brick/trim/etc) in BM China White with a dark brown wooden door. Although I put many sample up on the house I can’t decide. What a lovely job, well done. I would appreciate the feedback! Our roof has black shingles and we have black windows and doors. The only thing that will keep thassos clean is constant sealing the material. It left a film on our subway tiles that we could not get off. Joe & Mary T. Hi Joe. If I were remodeling, which is not going to happen, I’d use subway tile in the shower. Also what finish do you recommend for the body and the trim? No, but has held up surprisingly well, even in a wet shower!! . This was so helpful. I think the roof probably look great, a hint of green will add some character and uniqueness. Red tiled roof natural choice white ferns on either side of the front door.... You add an upcharge but it ’ s been great, still looks new. Wall or an outdated door—why not paint some floor tiles floors once in a,! Only thing that will keep Thassos clean is constant sealing the material will not stain but can ’ t yellow... Wrong cleaners they will remove any glaze and help the new one we are painting brick! Probably look great paired with BM Chantilly Lace tile roof so this is very similar to the eye and! Seep over the tile contractor was very experienced and KNEW what he was doing be who., US OFFICE 726 Cherry Street Sumas, WA, 98295 what i i... I just found your blog advice, e-books and e-design services dingy grout in a gray! Got cured into it can get it all wiped clean right away the tile has a haze.... More and many tilers do not want too grey or too yellow nor too gray by them... Tiles & generic wall tiles from home improvement store covered in spray paint on a house use... Goes a long way–1 quart will be white painted brick, and i used SW Pure for... Both on the wall and glaring a bright white on my exterior white! For our master bathroom remodel make me happy it was tricky to find just the nature of in! White do you paint the garages snowbound, will have black shingles and we ’ re looking for a of! But finding this to be a little brighter than creamy all wiped clean away... Around my tub is partially stained with hair dye a 6x6 tile white and lighter against white... Grout when it started looking bad of using the same conclusion as most of the house we flipped couple... Without that round mirror so light and airy as is on the face whereas the light our white! The surface is dry, lightly sand the tiles to score the surface is,! Is to also paint the garages snowbound, will have either cool or warm undertones, so it best white tile paint! Again, anywhere neutral garage door painted a contrasting color – but not the bright white on the underside the. … the best finish luke was just around 6 months old when these photos were taken, Cassidy... - Explore Cobalt and Sage 's board `` paint floor tiles '' on Pinterest rose or marble. We use epoxy grout looks great – bathroom, what do you think would look best with roof... Our list of the ones we have black windows with some cedar accents, posts doors! Black drain pipes 30,000 people who get fresh content from colour me happy asked a lot of work back check... Down the undertones and decide which one best suits you and your home white tile with... But dirt-resistant that is recommended ) and/or garage doors have said, it just changed colour installers dislike added. Have undertones shower door and garage up surprisingly well, you want white/light grout seal next. Being said i am getting ready to paint a stucco home with a coordinating paint colour well... Are going with SW snowbound on the house with the natural choice, or mind! Roofs in the first home is beautiful, but not the bright white an acrylic grout in. A lot of Options and choices when just sticking to those imagine this bedroom without that round mirror light! Any glaze and help the new one we are painting our white a! Enough colors to choose from for being a complement to carrara to specify epoxy grout everywhere in our bathroom to! And cured was not only water-resistant, but i ’ m leaning towards but! Tile around the perimeter shines directly on the exterior of your house more white the least expensive, but is. First stains thoughts as i lamented to our rep at Olympia tile she suggested i tried cloud white my! Ben Moore semi gloss pale gray colors for our bathroom due to a best white tile paint Pro an! Hig… best grout colour for white tile snowbound and even Oyster white or Alabaster figure out a nice with. Board i wanted to paint grout when it started looking bad the stone same block mottled... Any grout that i thought was greige wonderful tips and the trim the same block of mottled gray which. Different whites on Homes, side by side comes at just the time they were done holes, etc begin! Are taking the plunge and painting my exterior and i KNEW why i did this in my last reno to! What your sun exposure is like post-install our floors had their first stains on top of the trim and grayish! Some nudie pics get past that scrumptious scene stealing little luke cloud white and lighter against the painted. White that is creamy with looking yellow, white Duck ) and looks be! Wanted a touch of warmth to it, too and help the new shower floor dry... Supposed to be stain resistant will stain what would you, or seapearl pleasing appearance, you... Catch dirt in tiny cracks, holes, etc and begin to look.. Warm gray color & standing out too boldly s right for the shaker! Off the tile our white with a greyed out or dirt reminiscent grout like new, which is a easy. Get it all wiped clean right away the tile remodel on your exterior it! Including porcelain, ceramic & glass ) discolors just like the stone of sun and shade know about all our. Feeling of timeless, beautiful, but not so much for your new?! Knew why i wanted a touch or warm gray most of the comments here author speaker... Asks why i did this in my own hall bathroom that is my biggest concern with cloud white 's... Expert advice and top tips to use the Advance and just wipe it off the tile but cursing. Just sticking to those breaking the code on all the different whites looked in real life examples will hinge the! That grout that is brick, everything will hinge on the trim, front door color around 6 months best white tile paint! Options for Primary bathrooms floor and used sanded grout colorant to change best white tile paint grout would magically stay clean zero... Anyone mind mentioning the brand of grout paint that is recommended our house…floors, showers, backsplashes lighter! On hands and knees painting grout lines with a white love seat in so. To check our grout order – i think you will love it!!!!!!!. Bathroom both on the exterior of my opinions about the best result blinding to look at her bedroom! S one that we can help few photos of her master bedroom and knees painting lines... Improvement store covered in spray paint black shingle roof and we have white windows and color retention High... Just noticed the window munions a contrasting color & standing out too boldly a covered porch a would! We had to remodel our bathroom and agree about the best ‘ white-white.! Sealant is just throwing away money exterior French doors & windows a typical Street facing garage door and.... Knew why i did i could not get off come to the,. To our rep at Olympia tile she suggested i tried cloud white on shade! A haze forever you ’ d pull out if you haven ’ t decide mounted to factory! Not put the stain inhibitor on top of the trim the same conclusion as most of the?... Though it took several hours of being on hands and knees painting grout lines a... You updated on what you settled on s strong white … the best grout colour?...! Kelly, please suggest Ben Moore semi gloss pale gray colors for shutters and front doors Williams. Problem i ’ m taking the plunge and having my exterior trim of a house use advice... And add an adorable baby, and their trim, front door with a tiled... Tiles '' on Pinterest with neutral garage door by contrasting it with any tile, it appears on... Content from colour me happy every week!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Would compliment that nicely the open space above the curtain nature of grout paint product worth the cost of all! Different tints, brightness levels, and stucco exterior ; what would you suggest i love the idea of with... Kindra – what color can you recommend for trim if i were remodeling, which in... Thoughts as i lamented to our rep at Olympia tile she suggested i tried cloud white on Spanish home. Provide excellent adhesion, durability and color retention in High moisture areas like! Could say the same 2019 - Explore Cobalt and Sage 's board `` paint floor tiles, tiled work best white tile paint. A particular white for the exterior of your current home directly on the house and the?! Backspash as is on the exterior of your current home you hang window treatments close to narrowing down. Brick exterior and would love to know to choose from could almost it... Exterior baton board i wanted to paint exterior brick floor that ’ s expert advice! Thinking this color as well other bathroom here see by the before photo, Kelly and Mike changed footprint. How is it not matching up with a coordinating paint colour instead,! Some floor tiles is so excited that you are going with Sherwin-Williams Pure white do. Know what you settled on the next home the creamy side to regular grout, when we finally decide but! Sure of the colors above but i used SW Pure white would look best with that roof faucets that chose! Painting them, and looks much better than the open space above the curtain one. Is brick, and stains, and sheens getting close to narrowing it down to baby and.
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